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Malaysia Top 10

Top 10 Most Ordered Mamak Foods in Malaysia

Top 10 Most Ordered Mamak Foods in Malaysia

“Mamak” food, or “Indian Muslim” foods, are popular among Malaysians, whether as breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or supper, Malaysians simply love them. Below, we have ranked the most common “Mamak” foods in Malaysia.

1 – Naan with Tandoori Chicken is a oven-baked flatbread originated from South Asia. Naan can be eaten as a dish itself or together with Tandoori Chicken, roasted Indian chicken.

2 – Mamak rojak, also known as Indian rojak is also a popular fare among the patrons. It contains fried dough fritters, bean curds, boiled potatoes, prawn fritters, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts and cucumber mixed with a sweet thick, spicy peanut sauce.

3 – Chapati Chapati is popular Indian dish that is readily available in most “mamak stalls”. Chapati is a bread made of whole-wheat flour.

4 – Nasi Kandar is a popular Malaysian dish from Penang. Nasi Kandar is a rice dishes usually accompanied by side dishes such as fried chicken, fried prawns, fried squid, bitter gourd together with mixture of curry sauces.

5 – Roti Telur Roti telur is like roti canai except that it is the egg version.

6 – Nasi lemak, Malaysian favorite dish, also the national dish of Malaysia, consists of fragrant rice cooked with coconut cream with ingredients such as anchovies, roasted peanuts, slices of cucumbers, boiled egg and chilli sauces and is usually served on a banana leaf.

7 – Maggi goreng is a common dish in Indian Muslim food stalls. Instead of using the normal noodles, “Maggi” instant noodles is stir-fried with vegetables and eggs to create “Maggi goreng”.

8 – Thosai Like Chapati, Thosai is a popular Indian cuisine that can be found in “mamak stalls” and Indian restaurants in Malaysia. Thosai, crepe-look-alike, is made from rice batter and bean. There are many variations of thosai, the popular one being Thosai Masala, Thosai stuffed with potatoes.

9 – Roti canai is one of the most popular food in Malaysia “mamak stalls”. Usually consumed with curry, roti canai is perfect for breakfast or supper.

10 – Teh tarik, which literally means “pulled” tea is a hot tea drink that must not be missed in “mamak stalls”. The tea is made by pouring forth and back between two vessels giving it a thick frothy top.


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