Top 10 places to visit in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia)


Kota Kinabalu is truly a unique city in Sabah. You should include it in your
itinerary. What are other places that you can visit in KK? Please leave your comment down below. Thanks for watching!


Kota kinabalu video belongs to fb_dronegraphy

Sabah Art Gallery video belongs to iddie 83

Monsopiad Cultural Village video belongs to Olga J.Martin

Tanjung Aru Beach video belongs to Patrick Anohada

Gaya Street Sunday Market video belongs to Ham Tum Foods Recipes & Vlogs

  1. LOY POSTRANO says

    very nice place i love it.

  2. LOY POSTRANO says

    i like kotakinabalu my favorate, place sea food, and shopping center and also noodle

  3. Richard Kahn says

    What are other attractions and how many days and the ideal hotel location. I'm making itinerary for Sabah and Sarawak perhaps after visiting Brunei. Thanks

  4. Aurelia Anastasia says

    That's something I will looking forward to visit with my family

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