Top 10 Places to visit in Malaysia 🇲🇾 || Tourist places in Malaysia🇲🇾 || #malaysia #shorts #trending


Top 10 Places to visit in Malaysia🇲🇾 || Tourist places in Malaysia🇲🇾 || #malaysia #shorts #trending

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  1. Journey Of Life says


  2. flyxe (ㆁᴗㆁ) says

    First is the twin tower

  3. Sunway lagoon was so fun I've been there before it's amazing😍🤩

  4. LEE KWONG YONG says

    Did you meant klcc? Bc I live in Malaysia

  5. Bryan says

    I already visit all of it cause I'm Malaysian😂😂

  6. GachaNoxs says

    ᗩᖇᘿ Sᓍ ᗷᘿᗩᑘᖶᓰᖴᑘᒪ ᗷᑘᖶ ᖽᐸᓍᖶᗩ ᓰᗷᑘ Sᓍ ᑢᓍᓍᒪ ᓍᖴ ᖶᕼᘿᗷ❤

  7. My favorite place is
    Kuala Lumpur ♡🤩❤

  8. Rishi Encyclopedia says

  9. Classic Vc says

    i live in Malaysia tho

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