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Top 3 Ways to Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Top 3 Ways to Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Lack of website traffic is one of the main reasons why some online businesses fail. Traffic is your source of income. If your website does not have enough visitors, then you can not expect to make a solid income from it. Fortunately, there are easy ways to increase targeted traffic to your website. Here are the top three ways to increase your site’s visitors so that you can start earning a 5-figure income from your online business.

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is one of the most effective methods of driving targeted traffic to your website. At first glance, this method may look very intimidating because there are so many optimization techniques that you need to learn.

It is true that search engine marketing may require lots of hard work. However, this online marketing method can generate long term result for your website. If your website can capture the top positions on major search engines, then you will receive millions of targeted traffic which could ensure the perpetual success of your business.

To make your tasks easier, you should start SEM with proper keyword research. Use the right keywords on your content to increase targeted traffic to your site. In some cases, proper keyword usage alone can quickly drive more visitors to your business site.

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most potent tools of online marketers to increase targeted traffic to their websites. High value articles submitted to top directories can attract hundreds of thousands of page views. And if your articles have links pointing to your website, then you will certainly receive more visitors month after month.

Article marketing is easy and free. If you can write one article per day and submit it to different article directories, then your online business can get maximum exposure. This marketing method has several variations too. You can use online press releases as an alternative. You may also submit articles to several blog networks.

3. Pay Per Click Programs

If you want instant results, then pay per click advertising is probably the best method that can immediately increase targeted traffic to your website. But you have to pay for this traffic because each click-through generated by your ads will cost money. However, the immediate boost to your website traffic can also result to massive online income in just a short period. If a PPC campaign is profitable, your income will outweigh the investment you made on this type of marketing method.


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