Top 5 Places in Perlis Malaysia 🤩🫣 #shorts #malaysia #thailand #malaysian #top5


1. Masjid Al Hussain: A significant mosque in Perlis, Malaysia, named after Imam Hussain. Known for its beautiful architecture, it serves as a religious and cultural center for the local Shia Muslim community.

2. Kelam Cave: A fascinating limestone cave in Perlis with unique rock formations. It features a 370-meter wooden walkway that takes visitors through narrow passages and across an underground river.

3. Tasik Melati Recreational Park: A serene park near Kangar, Perlis, with a peaceful lake, boating, fishing, jogging tracks, picnic areas, and playgrounds.

4. Wang Kelian View Point: Offers stunning panoramic views of Perlis and Thailand’s lush forests and mountains. A popular spot for nature lovers and photographers.

5. Perlis River: A significant waterway flowing through Perlis, originating in Thailand. Used for recreational activities like boating and fishing, providing picturesque views and a tranquil atmosphere.

  1. Alip Azyandanish says

    Do Negeri Sembilan 🔴⚫🟡

  2. Chancults says

    Salam from malaysia negeri perlis❤

  3. Nur Hafiza says

    place in putrajaya pls

  4. Nor Azril says

    Im am from negeri Perlis 😊

  5. Azleea Ameera says

    A great and beautiful Perlis ❤❤❤❤❤

  6. countryball_human says

    I know kalem cave but the real people say gua kelam

  7. Roselyna says

    Masjid Al Hussain I always go there while go to perlis❤

  8. croniezx ex says

    my house Perlis too bro

  9. Ajwad Ibqa says

    Wow is so cool, im from Malaysia ,Malaysia is so good

  10. Shika Amani says

    Salam from malaysia negri Perlis🎉

  11. Amira Azwan says


  12. Books & Design says

    It's Gua Kelam(Kelam Cave) not Gua Kalem(Kalem Cave) 😅 Kelam means Dark/Blackout

  13. Allianz Klang says

    Hi im from malaysia😊

  14. NotIris says

    My favorite place is "Wang kelian" ❤ it's so cool over there, and very cold

  15. KaiXiΠ _iZ97 says

    No cmart how come😅

  16. فاريشا افرينا says

    Taman ular

  17. Perlisku says

    kampung ku i ❤ Perlis

  18. Ammar gaming says


  19. AQILGAMER978 says

    Saya pernah ke masjid al Hussain

  20. Akim Takizawa says

    🏳‍🌈 plesss😢

  21. Luq2GoodOK says

    I have been to every single Malaysia states except for Sabah,Sarawak and Perlis. I hope i can go to Perlis,Sabah and Sarawak in the future

  22. Bunga Raya says

    Terima kasih❤
    Kampung ku Perlis I ❤ Perlis

  23. Bunga Raya says

    Dimanakah Kangar?

  24. illyasviel Von Einzbern says

    Bruh my state ❤ rarely seen to be mentioned on YouTube

  25. Angineh Shahmorad says

    I love to see all of them😊

  26. Farah Nini Abdullah says

    Selangor pliss

  27. Azzahra Ainna says

    Parlis? Kalem? Do you mean perrily's and salem?

  28. Mohd Azizi says

    I was Born here,it's not Kalem it's Kelam in English mean Dark,and it's Gua Kelam or Dark Cave XD

  29. Azman Rambo says

    Aku duk padang besar (S) perlis

  30. inda hanim samsi says

    I had went to wang kelian

  31. Syamil Fauzi says

    Thanks 🔥🔥👏🏻👏🏻

  32. N!GHTM@R£ §H@D0W says

    Bang buat sabah lagi bang plase🥺🥺

  33. 라일라 says

    tasik melati lawa but sunyi , tpi paling best dekat perlis padang besar la

  34. Leeds Malique says

    Very nice video, thank you from a Perlisian 🥰

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