Top Hosting Companies in Asia


There are more than 4 billion people living in Asia, with a large amount of Outsourcing, Tech, and IT based companies. There are also some hosting providers to host their company websites. Along with using hosting providers from the west, people are now trusting the hosting providers from the east as well. Some of the companies have servers in the west but have data centers in Asia. It helps them to provide better support to the local companies. So, we are going to discuss on some leading hosting companies in Asia.

Leading Hosting Service Providers in Asia

Hosting a website in a fast and reliable server is very important to give proper service to the customers and visitors. With the impact of loading time in SEO, choosing a perfect hosting is a must for a company.


HostSG is a Singapore-based hosting company, providing consistent hosting service with its six tier one networks around Asia. The company covered a global reach of more than two lac users with Deutsche Telekom, Hurricane Electric, PCCW, NTT Communication, Singtel, and Starhub networks. The company was founded in 1997 and started their shared hosting services in 2006. HostSG has different hosting packages, which suitable for different users and companies.

The 5 GB storage with unlimited bandwidth is the starter package for their “Budget Shared Hosting” Plans. This package will cost $6 per month. The premium package will provide 15 GB storage for $18/month. They also offer Cloud Shared Hosting, Business VPS Hosting, Cloud Business VPS Hosting and many more plans for their big customers.


Eleven2 has headquarters in Singapore along with Dallas and London. The company has various plans for different kinds of businesses. This company provides proper support to their customer websites with faster bandwidth. Eleven2 ensures some attractive budget plans for the small businesses. They also offer some attractive premium packages. In their shared hosting plans, the “S-100” package with 10 GB storage will cost $4.95/month. They also provide fully manageable VPS plans for different customers. Starting from the 120 GB storage plans for $49 per month, the 360 GB storage plan will cost $149 per month.


The company was founded in 1996 in Singapore. It has become very popular among Tech Communities for their reliable hosting services. Their customer care is renowned for user-friendly supports. The company has a presence in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and many cities around the world. Signetique provides a wide range of packages for hosting services for their different kind of customers. The shared hosting plans started with 1 GB storage is for $8/month. However, the plan offers enterprise packages of 150 GB Storage for $99.95 per month, with some decent 80 GB, 50 Gb, 30 GB packages.

They provide Linux, and Windows-based VPS hosting plans. Their package starts from 20 GB storage for $49.95/month. Their professional package provides 60 GB storage in for $ 89.95/month.


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