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Top Principles of SEO

Top Principles of SEO

Search engine optimization is a complex process that includes a series of actions that run on a website and are aimed at bringing it on the first search results page in search engines, based on certain keywords.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique that helps increase the visibility and quality of a website in terms of search engines such as Google. An optimized website can be easily found online and interpreted by search robots (spiders, crawlers) and the terms that are relevant to the search are highlighted.
The direct result of SEO optimization is to achieve a better classification of the website's pages in search engines. Consequences of this include traffic growth and an increased opportunity for visitors to become customers. This is very important for a website, but unfortunately many designers do not consider SEO when creating a website. One useful thing to remember is that no matter how beautiful the final design of the website is, this will not be helpful if the page can not be found by potential customers.

So how is SEO actually achieved?

To answer this question, we first have to know that the search engine algorithm decides what the topic of a website actually is and whether the information it offers is actually relevant to a search query. This decision is made after analyzing a number of factors (over 100), of which the most important are: the page title, links in content and meta fields (hidden in the source code of the page). SEO means choosing a set of keywords and insert all these into the content of a page, keeping the flow of ideas unchanged at the same time.

Choosing keywords is considered a vital step in the SEO process. The keyword choice begins with an analysis of competitors and niches in the industry with the use of specific tools. This will result in a report based on which the actual optimization of the website can commence. This step is necessary to ensure that the right keywords are chosen.

First position in Google

Anyone who has a website wants that particular page to appear as a first result in Google and other search engines for certain keywords or phrases. This may be hard to achieve, especially if there are hundreds of similar competitive websites, but generally being present in the first page of results is a good achievement and results will start to appear shortly.

To make the most of your SEO efforts, it may be more effective and efficient for you to contract with an actual SEO company. They are experts in the field and will always use the most up to date tools so that the search engine optimization campaign for your website is complete and will lead to excellent results. Choosing the right keywords and analyzing the competition on your own may be hard, but with their help, you will enjoy a smooth process and you will see your website grow day by day.


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