Top Ten Questions To Identify Network Marketing Internet Business


Today, people have choices to join traditional MLM home business or online MLM business. In the beginning, I joined traditional MLM home business and tried to market the business online. It did not work because they had restrictions. They did not provide support for our online marketing efforts. They're against us instead. My past experience made me understand better the difference between the two. Now, I list down top ten questions to identify network marketing internet business.

1. Does the MLM company provide you with a personalized website? The website must carry your name, your email and or your picture as a brand partner. This website can serve as administration, training and resources at the back office. The example is

2. Does the MLM internet-based company provide you with a plug-in online marketing system and marketing website to capture prospects? If you market your business through internet, you must have a marketing website. Marketing website can capture name, email, phone number and country of the prospects. Attractive marketing website will generate more leads.

3. Built-in autoresponder is a necessity to build a trust between your prospect and you. An autoresponder will educate and follow up your prospects daily or periodically while you can not possibly email or call your prospect daily. If there is no follow-up messages, people will often forget after signing up.

4. Traditional MLM company offers to carry a wide range of products while MLM internet-based company has few products for simplification or streamlining purpose.

5. Do they have restrictions on the use of company branding, images, logo, articles, videos for your own promotional purpose? MLM internet-based company will give you 100% freedom to use their resources for online marketing purposes.

6. Do they provide online training such as live call, audio or video courses for their brand partners? Offline training is important but online training can reach out wider audience at their own home. Lack of training is one reason why people fail in MLM online business.

7. Do they use concept of online shopping, online payment and autodelivery? These 3 concepts give a convenience for people. With autodelivery, we do not have to follow up our customers or remind them to buy the products again and again.

8. Do they use online administration and online registration (paperless administration) so you can manage your online MLM business easily?

9. Can you build the network marketing internet business not only in your country but in the countries of their networks. Of course, there are always differences in compensation plan and investment cost among different countries but MLM internet-based company must overcome this obstacle. If you can build your online MLM business worldwide, you will have a global genealogy in your organization and your organization can grow really big.

10. Do you join the right marketing group that has knowledge in network marketing and internet marketing? You will join the right marketing group who can guide you and understand the use of internet marketing skills.

The questions number 1 to 9 apply to MLM company to choose the right online MLM business while the question number 10 is to choose the right marketing group. You certainly do not want to join network marketing group that still practices the traditional marketing concept and do not have any internet skills to teach you how to market network marketing internet business.


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