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Ladies Shoes Party In Malaysia – International Shoe Festival Open On April 1st

If the cold weather is getting you upset and you were already in search of the travel places as a holiday destination, have you thought about Malaysia? As you may find out, the country is currently promoting the ladies shoes as a reason for visitors to come visit this place. Malaysia is now promoting shoes as new tourist products, following the success of two international festivals held last year, said Tourism Minister. The idea for promoting the country as a shoe hub stems from the fact that it is the birthplace of one very famous footwear designer: Jimmy Choo. In addition, Malaysia Tourism Minister noted that “Jimmy Choo for Shoe also rhymes”, although we’d like to think there was a little more to this set-up than simple rhyming. Using this as a springboard, the countr...[Read More]

Class 5 SEO Batch 173 3 1st Part SEO Training 2018 How to Get to the Top of Google with SEO

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