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2018 youtube demonetization

2018 YouTube Demonetization! What To Do? – Instagram, SEO, Tubebuddy

GET MORE YOUTUBE VIEWS : 2018 YOUTUBE DEMONETIZATION (POLICY CHANGES) Hey, guys! I am Mike The Dope Toast. YouTube new policy change is official and unfortunately, I will be affected by the demonetization. Totally understand your frustration but I want you to step up your YouTube game and crush it harder than ever! Here’s what I suggest you can do! 1. Keep producing videos as usual 🙂 2. Rank your videos as high as possible. SEO is super important to leverage your videos. Try Tubebuddy! It helps me and many creators to rank their videos. Keywords matter! (Affiliate:…) 3. Instagram! Leverage your presence by putting teasers of your full videos on IG, convert your followers to YouTube and build influence 😉 4. Cro...[Read More]