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Borneo Tours and Vacations Packages: Taking You In and About an Amazing Island

Tagged as one of the most diverse places on earth, there's no doubt why Borneo continues to be a top destination for tourists, vacationers, nature lovers, adventurers, and the like. Anyone who visits and tours Borneo can expect endless fascination with its dense and lush tropical forest that is home to a large population of exotic flora and fauna, its white sandy beaches with their sparkling blue waters that are home to diverse underwater organisms, as well as its verdant jungles that is home to the world's largest cave chamber. With such scenes, you're in for some exciting, captivating, and unforgettable Borneo tours and vacations. Borneo, the world's third largest island, is surrounded by vast seas and oceans: the South China Sea in the north, Celebes Sea in the east, and...[Read More]

The Most Amazing Variety of Marine Life in Palau

Situated east of Philippines, the islands of Palau are a rare oasis in the Pacific Ocean. Palau’s waters life is one of the richest and the weather is beneficial so it is a great destination when it comes to scuba diving. The only major problem is that you may go scuba diving in Palau and get to meet more divers than marine life. The Japanese have few locations where they are allowed to practice scuba diving so they are usually crowded; Palau is one of them. This is why you should go for scuba diving in Palau in a period when it is less visited if you want to enjoy the beauty that lies in those waters. In what concerns how to get to Palau, a direct flight can be taken from Taipei but it is recommended for you to make reservations ahead. You only need your passport or your birth certi...[Read More]