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‘Kung Fu Secrets’ – Expert Martial Arts Analysis!

Generalisations abound in Martial Arts periodicals, however, ‘Kung Fu Secrets’, true to title, provides detailed insights into this field from expert perspectives. Edited by Grandmaster Yap Leong it offers a unique view of contemporary Kung Fu, key practitioners, central issues and related subjects. Kung Fu Secrets’ The Magazine appears occasionally and, currently, has 3 Volumes to its name with a 4th eagerly awaited by its readers due to the scope and depth of its analysis of contemporary and historical aspects of traditional Kung Fu. Presented with engaging frankness, ‘Kung Fu Secrets’ is an essential prerequisite, in many U.K. martial artists’ eyes, for an understanding of events and issues transcending the superficial. Grandmaster Yap Leong Grandmast...[Read More]