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Can I Find a Keurig Coffee Machine in Asia?

It is not so much about the keurig coffee machine but rather the coffee from this company that you would want to find in Asia. If you are based in Asia, you can get a b30 which you can bring easily into Asia, but the question is where to look for the k-cups. Some of you might be thinking about online purchase, almost everywhere that you go to, it should have an internet connection right? While, it is true that Asia is very wired and you would have no issue in surfing the net, there is still the country regulation to take note of. Every country has their own version of what is allowed and what would be prevented into their country. And usually, when they are in doubt or the item are not listed, they would simply not allowed the products into their country. And single serve coffee is not a v...[Read More]

Top Hosting Companies in Asia

There are more than 4 billion people living in Asia, with a large amount of Outsourcing, Tech, and IT based companies. There are also some hosting providers to host their company websites. Along with using hosting providers from the west, people are now trusting the hosting providers from the east as well. Some of the companies have servers in the west but have data centers in Asia. It helps them to provide better support to the local companies. So, we are going to discuss on some leading hosting companies in Asia. Leading Hosting Service Providers in Asia Hosting a website in a fast and reliable server is very important to give proper service to the customers and visitors. With the impact of loading time in SEO, choosing a perfect hosting is a must for a company. HostSG HostSG is a Singap...[Read More]

Top Ten Places to Visit in Asia

A person, who knows even the basics of world geography, must be aware of the grandeur and dominance that Asia has over the other continents. The reason behind Asia’s superiority is not only the fact that it is the largest among all the continents in the world but is also home to diverse cultures, customs, traditions, ethnicities and ways of living. This is why for a globe trotter, visiting this incredible continent and getting a feel of all its cultures is a must. However, since it is not possible to visit the entire continent because of its overpowering size, tourists should consider the top ten places to visit in Asia. The problem is that with so many sites to choose from, it is always tough to shortlist the top ten places to visit in Asia for the tourists themselves. Here is a lis...[Read More]

Trip to Thailand Singapore and Malaysia – Gems of South East Asia

Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia are the most favored holidaying destinations in South East Asia. The beautiful contrast of blue and green, modern architecture, rich culture and heritage beauty, man made attractions, throbbing night life, amazing tourist attractions and lots of shopping, etc have made these places truly a heaven for one and all, vacationers, holiday makers, nature lover, leisure vacationers and honeymooners. Every year a large number of tourists from all over the world come to these places to explore the unmatched beauty of these wonderful places which have made them rightly called the Gem of South East Asia. These places have gamut of attractions and all of them are amazingly beautiful. Be it pristine beaches, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, fun-filled water theme ...[Read More]

Adventure Scuba Diving in Asia, Great Places to Visit On Your Asian Holiday!

Thailand has diving on the Andaman Sea as well as the Gulf of Thailand. You can also get liveaboards up into Myanmar out of Phuket. Thailand is a great place to visit with lots of cheap flights and cheap hotels if you are looking for a cheap holiday scuba diving adventure. Cambodia Still the new place to go scuba diving, lots of adventure and your boat most likely will be the only boat on the site. You will find lots of schools of fish, and big coral gardens for the snorkels as well. The live-a-boards to the Koh Tang islands are the best deals with big fish and deserted beaches. Vietnam Nha Trang is the hot spot with over 10 dive companies in town. Nudibrachs are very abundant here and the diving is very inexpensive. Indonesia hard to get to the good diving, but when you do it is some of t...[Read More]