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Body Language Communication – 9 Things You Must Absolutely Avoid When Dealing With an Angry Customer

Here are the top nine negative body language signals and gestures you must absolutely avoid when dealing with an angry customer in a tense situation: 1 Wrong Facial Expression Always be aware of your facial expression when you are communicating with a customer, especially when they are upset about something. Check with your co-workers, supervisor and friends whether you display any annoying facial expressions like rolling your eyes, scowling, or an inappropriate smile when you are experiencing a tense or unhappy situation. You must always provide a calm, sincere, concerned and interested facial expression to show the customer that you care, appreciate and acknowledge his or her feedback and complaint of their unpleasant experiences. Avoid smiling when a customer is expressing anger. If you...[Read More]

International Student Visas? 3 Ways to Avoid Being Cheated!

You have probably considered studying overseas before, but you hate thinking about the nitty gritty details of enrollment processes or student visas. But if studying overseas has been your lifelong dream, you should not let simple paperwork deter you. All you have to do is send in your application. If your school of choice accepts you as a student after reviewing your grades and capability, their admissions office will help you with preparations for your student visa. While looking out for good schools are important, beware of scams. Some fraudsters operate under the guise of private schools to operate their businesses. Student Visa Scams Around the World Having a criminal record as an illegal immigrant will give you trouble finding jobs and travelling in the future. Here is how to avoid i...[Read More]

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