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The Ramadhan Bazaar in Langkawi, Malaysia

The month-long, delightful Food Carnival and Extravaganza is back. With the start of Ramadhan here in Malaysia today, you can find stalls selling varieties of mouth-watering food and drinks for the breaking of fast everywhere in Langkawi from today right up to 30th. September. It is known as the Ramadhan Bazaar or “Pasar Ramadan” in Malay. The bazaars normally will be open daily from 4pm and closes at about 7.15pm ( right before the breaking of fast). The month of Ramadhan is the ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar, and is a month where Muslims must fast (“puasa” in Malay) from sunrise till sunset. It is a month for spiritual reflection, prayers, and essentially training the body and mind to be a good, righteous, complete and perfect Muslim. Fasting is not onl...[Read More]