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Most Popular Christmas Toys For 2008

Top 12 Gifts For Christmas 2008 “It has been a challenging year for all businesses, but as a retailer I am delighted to see innovation continuing to come through. Even in an economic downturn, children still need exciting, good value toys to entertain and inspire their creativity.” The toys predicted to dominate children’s Christmas lists this year are set to ignite dreams of stage and screen fame, says the Toy Retailers Association (TRA) today. The TRA’s annual ‘Dream Toys’ list, the only official prediction of Christmas bestsellers, reveals a trend towards music, film and TV inspired toys to indulge fame fantasies from the next generation of rockstars and screen heroes. Plenty of old favourites also make a comeback this year, reflecting the nation̵...[Read More]

A Tale of Two Invoices

In quite long thread on the social networking site “linked in” recently, one individual suggested that sending out invoices was a necessary and rather mundane part of doing business and, as long as it was done efficiently, how it was approached (on or off line) made very little difference to the bottom line-perhaps only a few pounds sterling (or any other currency internationally) for a small business. In this article, let’s test that assumption by looking at what time and cost is involved in sending out invoices physically (which for our purposes here includes emailing them as attachments which are then printed) and sending them out electronically with a full digital bill/invoice presentment solution. A full digital invoice solution is one in which a bill is “click...[Read More]

What Are the Advantages of Using Forex Robots?

For those who would like the financial benefits of Forex trading but do not necessarily have the time to take full advantage of it, there are now online automated Forex robots which can do all the hard work for you. There are several online providers delivering this kind of service, and here are some of the top reasons that you might consider this option for yourself. Firstly, it should be explained what exactly automated Forex robots are. These are basically computer programs that scan the market and make calculations about when is the best time to trade and in what currency. They basically do all the hard work and everything for you so that you do not have to. This leads to the first advantage, and that is that they can make better decisions as they have much more information available t...[Read More]

How to Use Email Marketing to Drive More Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website and Boost Sales

Email marketing is a relatively cheap and effective way to boost traffic to your website and also increase sales. While there are many ways to market your ecommerce website, email marketing affords you the ability to build a relationship with your customer base as well as present opportunities for them to buy the products you’re sell. Below I would like to show you how to maximize the power of this form of marketing and use it to ultimately boost sales on your website. 1. Capture Names and Emails There is a popular saying the internet market community that says ‘the money is in the list.’ This rings so true I believe for any business with its main source of sales coming from a website. There are 2 popular services that allow you to capture the name and email of every visi...[Read More]

Do not Give Up Your Gold

Gold is not dead. Just ask Germany. Germany's Bundesbank recently announced that it finished its transfer of $ 13 billion in gold bars that had been stored in vaults under Lower Manhattan, bringing the metal back home again. The country had started repatriating its gold in 2013 with the goal of storing 50% of its reserves in Frankfurt once again. When the gold transfer is complete, Germany will have removed all the gold it stored in Paris, left behind only 13% of its reserves in London and approximately one-third of its reserves in New York. With the rise of cryptocurrencies – such as bitcoin – and digital cash, such as PayPal, Apple Pay and other apps, there has been a steady drop in the use of physical cash, making the yellow metal feel downright archaic. But gold holds a...[Read More]

How to Address Salary As Part of the Hiring Process

Let’s face it. Most nonprofits are notorious for not paying high salaries in comparison to their for-profit peers. Recently, there’s been a movement, which has the support of some state legislatures to make it illegal for employers to ask for salary history. Prospective employees also feel especially many in the nonprofit sector which is notorious for paying below market wages, that they lose any standing in any negotiations. Candidates also feel it’s an invasion of their privacy. Why has salary history become an issue? Technology: Technology has created a situation where applicants are “forced” in online applications to reveal their pay history. In turn, employers have been able to screen out people based on that criteria alone–regardless if someone can...[Read More]

Delivery And Delivering Ability: Know Them To Improve Email Marketing Campaigns

The two terms Delivery and Delivering ability are often used in the email marketing campaigns. They both look so similar that distinguishing them somehow looks difficult. But comprehending the distinction between these two completely different modes of marketing is essential as it can turn your prospects into potential clients. What Is Delivery? No doubt, email marketing has become a powerful tool to market your products & services with a lot of influence and to know how people are responding to your marketing message. Hence, the acceptance rate of emails is the mainstay of the success of your email marketing techniques. It is the acceptance rate of mails by in-box, junk, and black hole list of recipients. That what delivery is all about! What Is Delivering Ability? It is the amount of...[Read More]

Who Are the Market Makers in Forex Trade?

Have you ever wondered how you can buy or sell currency pairs in forex at any given time? Forex is a market that trades non stop for 5 working days a week. Despite being a global event, the probability of finding a trader willing to make a trade in currency pairs of our choice at any given point in time is very small. And yet every single trade in forex gets completed within seconds. This happens because of the functioning of forex market makers. A market maker is a mediator whose job is to create a virtual market for the trader. The moment we place an order to buy/sell, the market maker carries out the trade, irrespective of its own loss or profit. In forex, the list of market makers comprises investment banks, central banks, commercial banks and big brokerage firms. These institutions ar...[Read More]

Top Secrets to Turn Microstock Photography Into Cash

Are you tired of your same old 9-5 job? Are you looking to make money doing something else or perhaps increase the income you are already earning? If you are more than just a weekend photographer and have pictures that can impress Internet consumers who look to download images, then you can get paid doing what you love. Photos for cash, here’s how: Cameras with 5 megapixels and 3x zoom are every bit as good as their high-tech companions, so you need to dispel this myth right from the start. With the use of editing tools that can be found in Adobe software, these cameras can produce every bit the quality image that are produced with a higher end model. Microstock photography agencies are the key to getting your pictures seen and ultimately earning money for their downloads. You should...[Read More]

Types of Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts have been popular with youth, adults, and children throughout the ages. With the recent popularity of “The Amazing Race” and reality TV shows, scavenger hunts are just as popular today as they have ever been. They can take a variety of forms, be modified with different rules, and be tailored to a variety of themes, locations, and age groups. They are great for building community, fostering team work, and generating lots of fun and excitement. Here are some of the more common types of Scavenger Hunts. Classic Scavenger Hunt This is the traditional scavenger hunt where participants are given a list of items to retrieve and bring back within a designated time limit. Examples include both common and hard to find items like: a basketball, an 8 track tape, a spork, a ...[Read More]

Who Else Wants an Easy Way to Collect Coins?

Who wouldn’t want an easy way to collect coins? Next time you want to pick up a great coin or add to your currency collection try bidding in an online live auction. Coin collections are one of the most popular past times in North America. Millions of people enjoy collecting and selling their prized pieces. More and more people are actually even starting a collection as an investment. There are many different places you can try to get your next great find. There are local hobby shops, coin catalogs, private sellers, forums and other websites that offer different coins for sale. Why not try an online live auction? Live online auctions are an excellent way to acquire and add to your collection. You are able to save time and money collecting this way. By looking and bidding online, you h...[Read More]

Forex For Newbies – A Quick Currency Trading Tutorial

So, you want to learn how to trade currency on the foreign exchange market? The process of trading currencies appears very straight-forward on the surface but, there is more to it than meets the eye. The currency trading tutorial you are about to receive here will give you a basic idea of how things works. However, you must keep in mind that this tutorial is only scratching the surface. The Forex market is complex, fast-paced and requires serious further study if you wish to trade successfully. Now that we have that disclaimer out of the way, let’s begin by looking at the fundamental unit involved in every trade: the ‘currency pair’. What are currency pairs? Currency pairs are units of 2 currencies involved in a foreign exchange trade. For example, if you want to sell U.S...[Read More]

Cryptocurrency – Stay Informed

Cryptocurrencies seem to be the hottest investment products going around. Eavesdrop on any of your friend’s conversation, it is about bitcoins. All the workplace chat is also about virtual currencies. The buzzword over online chat rooms is also about cryptocurrency these days. There is a silent economic revolution taking place, thanks to the rising popularity of these virtual currencies. It goes without saying that if you want to make it big in the world of bitcoins, then you must have a nose for the news. Now, that you have narrowed down your list to a few cryptos, you will have to analyze and decide which ones have the potential to trade higher and faster than the rest. This is the reason why you need to keep tracking the news. You will scan for information on blockchain trends fro...[Read More]

Can I Email My Mailing List Too Often? Tips For Your Unique Business

Have you ever worried if you’re emailing your list too often? Have you had nightmares about losing subscribers, getting angry hate email and other horrible things? You’re most certainly not alone. There is always a great debate on how much one should email their list. Some will boldly state appropriate intervals, but I haven’t a clue how anyone figures they can put out a blanket frequency rate for all lists, across all markets. The fact of the matter is – there is no one size fits all for every email list, but here are some guidelines… Stay in the Mind of Your Prospects & Customers Your goal in email marketing is to keep your business in the minds of your prospects and customers. You also want to your readers to consider you the go-to source for informatio...[Read More]

How to Launch an Initial Coin Offering – Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Many people believe that cryptocurrency is the next frontier in the FinTech world. Launching an ICO can be a great mark of success for blockchain platforms. However, it also needs to overcome major hurdles that currently fragment the industry. Success requires much more than just a strong product or an excellent ICO whitepaper. Before you embark on the journey of setting up an ICO for your business project, it’s imperative that you have a general idea of how to launch an Initial Coin Offering so that you stay on the right track which takes you closer to your money raising goals. Have a look at these important questions which you must ask yourself prior to launching an Initial Coin Offering: Are ICO Campaigns Appropriate For Every Business Type Or Niche? ICO campaigns may prove to be ...[Read More]