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Advanced Forex Strategies Part 1 – Tug of War

The concepts of TOW are basically from Cross Hedging, Pair Trading, and Double Opposition Entries which use quantitative analysis to develop a profitable trading strategy. TOW is one of the Forex Hedge Fund Strategies that yields the best of results employing an automated system of opening and closing positions based on current market trends and flows. The system is a form of trading that involves making price comparisons between two or more markets in order to capture temporary price disparities that occur when markets move out of their “normal” or intrinsic price alignment. This strategy typically uses statistical measures to determine when two highly correlated markets have moved to a price differential point beyond their historical “average price difference” and...[Read More]

Forex Trading System – The Pros and Cons of Technical Analysis

If you have been involved in foreign exchange trading for any length of time, and whatever Forex trading system you are using, you must have come across the two types of analysis — technical analysis and fundamental analysis. You may well also have noticed that there is a lot of argument between their respecive supporters!. However, the first thing to emphasize is that the two are not mutually exclusive. The majority of those who are successful in foreign exchange trading make use of both types of analysis. Technical analysis is a method of predicting price movements and future market trends by using charts to identify what has already happened. It is concerned with actual price movements, not the reasons for them. Fundamental analysis uses more wide-ranging factors such as political...[Read More]

Forex Education – The Key Elements of a Successful Forex Trading Strategy

An essential part of Forex education for a new trader is knowing the key elements that a successful Forex trading strategy must contain to succeed. Here we will look at all the salient points. Most traders lose, so make sure you have all these key elements in place before you start to trade. Let’s take a look at the key points 1. Trade Valid Time Frames Not Market Noise Most Forex traders try scalping or day trading but this is doomed to failure; all short term volatility is random so you can’t win. The majority of Forex robots also trade short term and I saw one that generates 20 trades a week! I know traders who make triple digit gains and trade less than that in a year. Trading frequency is not linked to profitability, so trade valid time frames and that means either long te...[Read More]

The Best FOREX Price Action Trading Indicator – Shift Theory Ratio Price Action Analysis

There is a new category of technical analysis available for trading the FOREX markets. It is called Shift Theory and this new technique is based on Shift Ratios that break down the three main types of chart conditions: Choppy Markets Up Trending Markets Down Trending Markets What Shift Theory Ratios do is focus on the important data and ignores the data that is responsible for false signals and noise. The Shift Theory trading approach works better than any other form of technical analysis because it focuses on the science of price analysis. Most technical analysis today focuses on the closing price as the main piece of data that is analyzed. The main issue with that is the closing price is a moving target. A lot traders don’t realize that indicators are nothing more than measuring to...[Read More]

The Many Different Ways to Buy Silver

Silver investments can be made in a variety of forms. Let's have a look at some popular ways to gain an exposure in the silver market. Physical Purchase : Silver in its physical form can be purchased in various sizes and weights which determine its price. Typical one ounce silver coins include the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple. Their prices depend on the silver purity with the Silver Maple being the highest at 99.99% pure. Typically, you'll pay a premium of about 16% over the spot silver price due to the cost of manufacturing the coin. A second popular option is the 100 ounce silver bar which again has a slight premium running at 5% over the spot price to cover the cost of production. Based on today's prices ($ 26 / ounce), you should expect around $ 2,800...[Read More]

The 3 Keys To Success With Automatic Forex Trading

Foreign Exchange (forex trading) is an online, global market where central banks and large corporations buy blocks of currency (usually in lots of 100,000 units) for 24 hours a per day, save on weekends. Since the mid 1990s, it’s been possible for small investors to get into the act as well. And therein lies the rub. Trying to stay on top of a forex position requires constant monitoring. Fortunately, there are automated tools that will let you specify a currency, an asking price, and a selling price. Combined with a brokerage account (so that you don’t have to put in $100,000 in seed money, but can get your funds aggregated with other investors), these can provide a reliable automatic forex trading system that will manage your purchase and sell orders, whether it’s 4 AM o...[Read More]

Forex Basics – The Anatomy of a Currency Pair

When you conduct a forex trade, you either buy or sell one currency against another, which is called a currency pair. So if you buy US dollars with your Euros, the pair would be listed in the format EUR/USD and would have a value, for example EUR/USD 1.2327. So for each euro you trade, you receive 1.2327 dollars. However in reality it is not as straightforward as this, so we will discuss the terminology involved in a currency pair and how a currency transaction works. Base Currency and Quote Currency The base currency is the first listed in the currency pair and shows how valuable it is in relation to the second currency, also called the quote currency. So in the example above, EUR is considered the base currency, and USD the quote currency, and 1 USD is worth 0.8112 euros. Most of the tim...[Read More]

Swap the Currencies With Forex Trading

Foreign exchange trading which is most commonly known as Forex trading deals with buying and selling of currencies. Forex trading generally happens through an exchange and these exchanges facilitate exchange of currencies between the investors who are participating in the exchange deal from two different locations. These deals happen online and are traded at either at a pre-determined price or at current market price. Forex trading is the largest trading in the world after credit market trading. Various financial institutions and international banks are key participants of Forex trading. The trading happens in different times in different parts of the world. The closure of Forex market in one country will be followed by the opening of another country’s market. This is the reason behi...[Read More]

Trading Price Action – A Forex Trading Tutorial

I know there is a million forex trading tutorials on how to use all the hundreds of indicators that are on your trading platform, but there are so few that actually teach about price action. For every 100 people that want to show you how stochastics work or how to trade fibonnacci retracements, you can’t find too many people to teach you about how to actually read a price chart without all the gadgets. The entire concept that people need to understand is how to trade without using any indicators. The main purpose is to show traders that all the relevant information you will ever need is in the price. Do me a favor and pull up a bar chart on whatever platform you are using. DO NOT put any indicators on the chart. I know this is uncomfortable, especially if you are used to using them. ...[Read More]

Similarities Between Options and Futures Trading

After spending much time explaining the differences between options trading and futures trading to beginners to derivatives trading, I think its time to touch on the similarities between options trading and futures trading. Is options trading and futures trading really that different? What are some of the similarities? Well, there are actually four main areas in which options and futures are similar. First of all, options and futures are both derivative instruments. This means that they are both merely contracts that allows you to trade their underlying asset at certain specific prices, hence deriving their value from price movements of their underlying asset. Both options and futures are merely contracts that bind the exchange of the underlying asset at a specific price. Without an underl...[Read More]

3 Easiest Ways to Double Your Forex Account in Just Less Than 10 Weeks

There are many proven ways to double your forex account I have come across. You may have a system working for you. If you are able to increase your forex account balance by 30-35% every month consistently, you will be able to double your account easily within 12 weeks over and over again. With my personal experience in forex trading, I found that the following strategies that I learnt from my mentors in the industry are the best ways to trade. If you are not a professional and you don’t want to be a gambler, don’t trade below 4hour time frame. I always wonder someone with less than 2 years experience trying to sit down all through the day at the front of the computer waiting for signals. You will not make money consistently like that. They want to scalp every time. It won’...[Read More]

Introduction to the Soft Markets

The soft markets are made of cocoa, coffee, cotton, frozen concentrated orange juice and sugar, some of the oldest commodities still around today. You trace their roots as commerce back over 3000 years. It is important to note that trading in this market involves substantial risks and is not suitable for everyone, and only risk capital should be used. Any investor could potentially lose more than originally invested. What are soft futures contracts? An soft futures contract is a legally binding agreement for delivery of cocoa, coffee, cotton, frozen concentrated orange juice and sugar in the future at an agreed upon price. The contracts are standardized by NYBOT as to quantity, quality, time and place of delivery. Only the price is variable. Most futures contract are offset prior to delive...[Read More]

Is Demand For Gold Seasonal and Does it Follow a Pattern?

This a frequently asked question. No doubt, the demand for gold is seasonal throughout the world. There are different seasonal patterns to demand gold jewelery. The pattern differs from one country to another. The global demand for gold is normally strongest in the fourth quarter of the year. Demand for gold is generally the weakest in Northern Hemisphere summer, when European jewelery producers are mainly closed. Demand increases in fourth quarter of year, because different nations celebrate various festivals, and events at that time. In the western world, especially at the time of Christmas, people buy more gold. Therefore, Christmas is the season to buy gold in West. On the eve of Christmas, people give gold gifts to their loved ones, and make their Christmas more beautiful. As far as I...[Read More]

Technical Analysis Strengths and Weaknesses

Technical analysis has many strengths and weaknesses. Each strength gives it a sense of reliability, while each weakness puts you one step closer to making a fatal mistake. By becoming adept at knowing the weaknesses, you are able to shore them up with the proper money management and risk management techniques. Strengths Minimal Reliance on Fundamental Info Practically every day there is some report coming out in the United States or overseas, whether it’s regarding job numbers, import numbers, or interest rate increases or decreases. Each bit of news has already been factored into the market’s activity in some form or fashion. At one time, the concept of seasonal trading was “hot.” Every TV and radio guru talked about gasoline prices increasing in the summer, heati...[Read More]

Forex – Non-Directional Trading

Most of the Forex trading strategies depend on predicting the direction of the market and then trading that market direction. For example, you need to determine whether the market is trending up or down. If the market is trending up, you will go long in the direction of the market and if the market is trending down, you will go short. This is how it works. You will be told again and again, never trade against the direction of the market. But is there a way that does not depend on the market direction? Let’s discuss in this article a currency options trading strategy that does not depend on the market direction. No matter, in which direction the market moves, this currency options trading strategy will make profit for you. You might have heard about put and call options? Put options g...[Read More]