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A Guide to SEO for Podcasting & Messenger Bots 2017 by Eric Siu

During Amsterdam’s Growth Marketing Conference we had a talk by Eric Siu which included a Guide to SEO for Podcasting as well as a discussion about Messenger Bots 2017. As well as giving tips on how to start a podcast in this video, Eric shares his steps and a guide to SEO for podcasting. Eric also talks about what he thinks of the future of Messenger Bots 2017. Watch this short but informative video if you want to get a guide to SEO for podcasting & messenger bots 2017. Eric Siu is the CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain. Single Grain has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Salesforce, Amazon and Nordstrom to help scale their revenues using a combination of SEO and advertising strategies. Eric Siu is a renowned expert who is well qualified to give a guide to SEO for po...[Read More]