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2 08 2018 Internet Dominator Call – SEO Tools To Use In Improving Online Businesses

ᴑ Recap on mastermind for apprentice members with the main topic on Traffic. ᴑ Recap with various uses of Traffic and the use of Adroll in advertising. ᴑ Discussion on how retargeting is the new Opt-in and how powerful it can be for your site. ᴑ Uploading the customer database with help from Adroll so that you can follow new and existing customers. ᴑ The idea of prospecting and reaching outside the box through Addroll. ᴑ Things that can cause Rainmaker to crash and how you can fix it. ᴑ The importance of the customer beliefs when making a sale, customer objections and understanding the customer’s views as a whole. ᴑ Tips on picking effective domain names so as not to be over optimized by search engines. ᴑ How vital brand recognition is for your business to kick off online. ᴑ Issues about Z...[Read More]