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Teluk Cempedak – Basking in the Malaysian Sun

Are you a sun lover? Do you like to unwind yourself, take a stroll in the empty beach and bask yourself in the warm morning sun. Then pick up your bags and come to visit Kuantan, Malaysia, where you can enjoy walking on the pristine sand and playing with the waves of the tropical sea. Teluk Cempedak is located about 10 km from central Kuantan. It is one of the earliest beach resorts in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. The beaches in the east coast are different, better that those on the Malaysia west coast. The sand is cleaner, more refined without the messy surrounding mud and siltation. The real reasons are unknown, as there are no formal studies that have been carried out. However I believe the strong waves of the monsoon seasons make the difference. Monsoon months are between Nov...[Read More]