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Malaysia Arts and Crafts – Wau, a Malay Traditions

Have you ever wonder what is that symbol emblazoned on the tail of all Malaysian airplanes flown by Malaysia Airlines System (MAS)? Although for most people, it is nothing more than just an emblem, it has a huge significance for each and every Malaysian that makes them proud. Known as ‘wau’, it is one of the oldest traditional games in the Malay culture. Dancing in the azure sky, a wau or kite is accompanied by a hummer, which produces various buzzing and purring sounds when soaring upon the wind. There are something mystical about the way this kite defies gravity by swaying and climbing slowly up the sky. Kites are flown after the rice harvesting season is over. People are happy and free to pursue pastimes. A Malay kite combines the best of skilled workmanship, dazzling colour...[Read More]