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10 Most Wanted Malaysian Foods – Malaysia’s Most Popular and Delicious Food

As a multicultural country, Malaysian are lucky enough to enjoy a huge variety of local foods as well as cross cultural food such as Mamak and Nyonya. A dish with the same names can have different variety. For example, Chinese Rojak and Indian Rojak are very different. But, what are the most famous dishes among the Malaysian? 1 – Nasi Lemak A popular breakfast made of coconut milk rice served with sambal ikan bilis and slices of hard boil egg and cucumber. Chicken, squid or even beef is added for better satisfaction. 2 – Satay Marinated meat being barbecued over the charcoal. The peanut sauce is a must as companion. Some would also like to be served with onions, cucumbers and even ketupat, a rice cube wrapped with palm leaves. 3 – Nasi Dagang Claimed by the people in the ...[Read More]