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Education in Malaysia – The Cornerstone of National Development

Southeast Asia is undergoing a groundswell of economic development as the world adjusts to a shift in global economic power from west to east. In Malaysia where national identity is firmly rooted in tradition, the country nonetheless has embroidered cultural diversity and western-style modernization. The Malaysian government has embarked on an ambitious program of technological development and educational reform as a national priority. The challenges which Malaysians face and the aspirations they hold are not like those of their neighbors in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and elsewhere. The forces of tradition and modernity and culture and religion collide and divide and morph to shape the future of this dynamic region like the massive tectonic plates upon which these countries rest. ...[Read More]

Professional Development For TEFL, TESOL Teachers

Describing Teachers In this section, we will briefly describe broad categories of teachers. It is difficult however to strictly categorize teachers under certain headings as teachers will find various aspects of each category true for them and their own particular personality types. These categories therefore have very vague lines of separation as teachers often flitter between categories. It is important to be able to categorize your teaching style in the brave sense as this will help you to determine how you see yourself now and what kind of teacher you envisage yourself becoming. The basic premise of this book is to equip you with the working tools to achieve your future goals. I. The Presenter: This category of teacher presents information to students as a 'lecturer' would. The...[Read More]