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The Elements That Make the Key Difference Between Success and Poverty

What makes the difference between success and poverty? This is an issue that I have been mulling over in my mind for a very long time. Poverty is a state that has been with mankind since the beginning of the ages. Even in the time of Jesus thousands of years ago, there was already the poor among them. Everywhere in the world in every country, global efforts are being held for poverty eradication. Most often, I see organizations and kindhearted individuals handing out money and food items to the poor, and where possible provide homes and Shelter. While these endeavors are noble, I do wonder about the effectiveness of it. Personally, I find that the only way for a person to climb out of poverty, is an intense personal desire to succeed! Some people can be rather contented living on welfare a...[Read More]

The Difference Between Google’s Manual and Algorithmic Penalties

Here’s a brief look at Google’s two basic types of penalties and how to know if you’ve been hit by one. Additional Resources: Google’s Webmaster Guidelines What not to do, straight from the horse’s mouth. You can find out what Google does and doesn’t like. Mostly, though, it’s telling you what you shouldn’t do. Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History Moz is one of the leading resources in digital marketing. They’ve been keeping track of Google’s algorithm changes since 2000. The (Almost) Complete Guide To Google Penalties (Manual & Algorithmic) The Complete Guide to Google Penalties (Both Manual and Algorithmic) If you’re unfamiliar with any of Google’s penalties, vis...[Read More]