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The Village of Friendship

Bourbonnais Illinois is called the Village of Friendship because of its pleasant, neighborly people with their welcoming smiles. Located on the scenic Kankakee River forty miles south of Chicago, Bourbonnais healthcare system is considered among the best in the state; and Bourbonnais’ famous Friendship Festival every June brings visitors from all over the country. The Kankakee River was originally called the Te-ok-e-kee, which means “wolf”, by the Pottawatomi Indian inhabitants of the area. Later the name changed to Kankakee. In 1679 Cavalier de LaSalle, the celebrated French explorer, visited the region and began trade with Native Americans along the river. In the year 1830 Francois Bourbonnais Sr., an agent for the American Fur Company, arrived in the area to hunt, trap...[Read More]