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What You Do not Know About Georgetown, Penang

History Hello and 'lu ho boh'- that's' how are you?' in Hokkien, the main Chinese dialect in Penang. The historic city of George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Before we begin, let me tell you a little about Penang, or sometimes known as the Pearl of the Orient. Penang used to be part of Malay Sultanate of Kedah, across the sea in the mainland. But in 1786, Captain Francis Light managed to get Penang from the Sultan of Kedah for the British East India Company, together with Singapore and Malacca. He then built what is known today as George Town. Penang gets its name from the Malay word Pinang which means 'betel nut', and Pulau Pinang literally meaning 'betel nut island'. It was later named Prince of Wales Island, commemorating King George IV. Geor...[Read More]