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Seecrets on Investment: Tired of Making Huge Losses in the Stock Market – Part 2

Fundamental analysis. Fundamentals analysis says the best way to predict the future trends of a stock is to understand the financial figures of the underlying company. The fundamental analyst would calculate a theoretical value of the company using cash flow analysis, recent dividends and earnings, future dividends and earnings projections plus a host of other economic numbers. If the current stock price is lower than the calculated value, a trader who uses fundamental analysis would buy this stock. This writer has the opinion that fundamental analysis is difficult to master for it to be useful as a forecasting tool. Understanding and analyzing balance sheets and profit and loss accounts is not enough. You will need to analyze the micro and macroeconomic picture as well. Often you will nee...[Read More]

5 Advanced Ways To Improve Your Seo In 2017 that Will Generate Huge Traffic

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