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4 05 2018 Internet Dominator Call- Using Basic SEO Tools Efficiently To Promote Your Website

⋗ Discussing the effects and testing of Royaltie Gem. ⋗ Factors that may affect reactions regarding Royaltie Gem. ⋗ Feedback on creators of Royaltie Gem and what their response is. ⋗Viable ways that Royaltie Gem could still work for the business owner. ⋗ Educating the market to direct them to your products and services. ⋗Figuring out the right audience and repositioning your products and services. ⋗ Preparing a marketing strategy when attending a Podcasting seminar. ⋗Creating a landing page on a Wordpress and Bluehost for marketing purposes ⋗Making good use of marketing funnels and taking advantage of them rather than the other way around. ⋗ Figuring out who your target market is and what they want. ⋗ Things to remember before you build your site or before hiring a web developer. ⋗ Creatin...[Read More]

3 08 2018 Internet Dominator Call – Program Intro Tricks and Keeping Your Business On Top With SEO

When you have a program such as the ACT to discuss where people can’t jump in, you need someone who can relate to it. Try recording each week and when someone new joins you can ask your audience if they want to review the prerecorded program. Promotion helps when you review where you are in the program and what’s next. From the learning and training perspective of SEO, it makes a difference when you have the outline and structure together. The next thing you can do is to create demand and desire for program learning. If you know what they want and put that in each step of the program then that will increase your lifetime customer value. You also need to have a back-end on whatever type of business you have. If you acquire affiliates that will offer things that enhance your product then it ...[Read More]

2 22 2018 Internet Dominator Call- SEO Programs And Techniques For Your Website

When it comes to using follow and no follow links, websites do not necessarily offer to follow links.  Google still follows no follow links and when you only focus on follow links then the site gets unnatural. Just place the links that make sense and don’t worry too much about what kind of links you place. When it comes to WordPress and blog pages, there are different plugins you can use to control the follow and no follow links. You can put an unfollow link when you have a page that you don’t want people to follow. You can also look at the balance of your follow no-follow links and you can get help from SEO applications. I have learned more from SEO from observing what’s happening such as why the top sites are on the top and what are they doing to stay there. In building link campai...[Read More]

2 08 2018 Internet Dominator Call – SEO Tools To Use In Improving Online Businesses

ᴑ Recap on mastermind for apprentice members with the main topic on Traffic. ᴑ Recap with various uses of Traffic and the use of Adroll in advertising. ᴑ Discussion on how retargeting is the new Opt-in and how powerful it can be for your site. ᴑ Uploading the customer database with help from Adroll so that you can follow new and existing customers. ᴑ The idea of prospecting and reaching outside the box through Addroll. ᴑ Things that can cause Rainmaker to crash and how you can fix it. ᴑ The importance of the customer beliefs when making a sale, customer objections and understanding the customer’s views as a whole. ᴑ Tips on picking effective domain names so as not to be over optimized by search engines. ᴑ How vital brand recognition is for your business to kick off online. ᴑ Issues about Z...[Read More]

1 18 2018 Internet Dominator Call – Old And New SEO Tools To Improve User Experience On Your Site

ʘ Sources you can use to generate traffic to your website. ʘ Using videos as advertisements to draw traffic. ʘ Pinterest as a good source of traffic. ʘ How algorithms can affect your traffic. ʘ How important is the traffic that your site gets from your links. ʘ Tapping into sources of traffic outside of your common source. ʘ Google Rankbrain and what it does for your site. ʘ Improving your website’s click-through ratio. ʘ Checking in with your bounce rate and how you can bring in your potential customers. ʘ The ACT program and how you can use it to offer the right user experience for your ideal clients. ʘ How Google measures your site visitors’ time on site and how you can improve it. ʘ Using videos as perfect tools for the time on a page that your clients will stay on your site. ʘ Creatin...[Read More]