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Top 10 Tips For Most Efficient Ways in Preventing Jet Lag

Top 10 Tips: 1) Adjust The Time Difference Simple, just follow what ever program that the flight attendant schedule for passengers like going to sleep when they shut off the cabin lights, wake up when they start delivering the foods. 2. Sleeping Pills Put yourselves to sleep by taking some moderate dosage of sleeping pills. 3. Vitamin B12 Some advise from nutritionist on taking B12 supplement 2 weeks before the exact travel date, since some data shown that vitamin B12 helps reduce jet lag issues. 4. Orange Juice Some people try this remedy of drinking a lot of orange juice or eating banana helps in avoiding jet lag. 5. Eating Habit Avoid eating too full or fatty and oily food, as it is hard for digestion and causing you not get into sleep easily. Try to drink a cup of coffee when touching ...[Read More]