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My Recommended Top 10 Things to Do in Kuching in 48 Hours

Many tourists like to visit Kuching city, fondly known as the Cat city in Sarawak, Malaysia. Some tourists come on their own based on Lonely Planet guide recommendations of where to go, see and experience. What better ways to experience the city than through a local person’s recommendations. 1. Upon checking in at the hotel in the morning, go for a Kuching city tour. If you follow one of those guided tour, the tour will bring you to the top of Civic Centre Tower for a panoramic view of Kuching city skyline, Sarawak Museum to learn about the past histories and then drive past the gigantic Cat Monument. Many tourists would stop by to take pictures. If you come during the Chinese New Year, the Cat could be seen wearing a traditional Chinese costume. If you come during the Ramadhan month...[Read More]

Can Kuching Nightlife Guarantee You a Fun Time All Night Long?

Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, is known for its laid-back atmosphere. However, you would be surprised to known that there is a fun nightlife in Kuching that you can experience by visiting the various exciting clubs and bars in Kuching. You’ll never expect to experience a vibrant yet friendly nightlife in Kuching. So, when the sun goes down in Kuching, the wonderful capital of Sarawak, you’ll have enough choices of Kuching clubs and Kuching bars for you to sample as part of the diverse nightlife in Kuching. The first place that you should check out for a sample of the Kuching club scene and experience the typical nightlife in Kuching is the Travillion Mall in Jalan Petanak. This mall is home to a wide variety of Kuching clubs and bars. One of the biggest clubs in Travillion Ma...[Read More]