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Body Language Communication – 9 Things You Must Absolutely Avoid When Dealing With an Angry Customer

Here are the top nine negative body language signals and gestures you must absolutely avoid when dealing with an angry customer in a tense situation: 1 Wrong Facial Expression Always be aware of your facial expression when you are communicating with a customer, especially when they are upset about something. Check with your co-workers, supervisor and friends whether you display any annoying facial expressions like rolling your eyes, scowling, or an inappropriate smile when you are experiencing a tense or unhappy situation. You must always provide a calm, sincere, concerned and interested facial expression to show the customer that you care, appreciate and acknowledge his or her feedback and complaint of their unpleasant experiences. Avoid smiling when a customer is expressing anger. If you...[Read More]

Interesting Facts About the Tamil Language

History One of the oldest classical languages in the world is the Tamil language. Studies show that an ancient but deformed form of Tamil called Tamazight is spoken by one of the tribes in Cameroon in Africa. In Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, historians have found Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions. However, they have not succeeded in providing an exact date of its origin. It is believed that the language has been spoken since 500 BC. During the pre-colonial era Tamil was one of the main languages used for trade. The ancient principality of Kamarinadu existed between India and Ethiopia. Ancient Tamils conquered Kamarinadu, which connected India and Ethiopia, and spread the language to Africa. It is one of the most difficult and oldest languages in the country (more than 50,000 years old). This Dravidian ...[Read More]