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malaysia market 2018

Asian Automotive Industry (2007)

China, India & ASEAN countries are the major driving markets for Asian automotive industry. “Asian Automotive Industry (2007)” report provides objective analysis on Asian Automotive industry to explore the potential opportunities and challenges faced by the industry. Key Findings Low cost Vehicles are driving the growth of automotive industry in emerging economy, such as China & India. It offers immense opportunities for global players in these economies. Asian countries, such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, are expected to be the potential markets for automotives due to AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area). From long-term perspective, cheap financing and prices discounts, rising income levels, and infrastructure developments will drive the growth in majority of ...[Read More]

The Truth About Milan Doshi

Milan Doshi is the founder of one of the best financial program in Malaysia since 1998 called “How You Can Get Rich from the Malaysian Property and Stock Markets.” Not only that, he is an experienced speaker in property investments and has helped many people realize their financial potential through his seminars. Milan Doshi seminars have reached out to over 21000 people in Malaysia. So far, there are 2000 successful graduates from the seminar. By attending his seminar, you’ll be able to learn how to earn millions of dollars from property investments not only in South East Asia; but also across the globe. This is because he teaches you how to understand the property market and does not simply give you a manual to follow like most investment guru’s do. As of today, a...[Read More]

What Are Some Challenges Faced By BPO Firms?

BPO firms find their establishment in concentration in the developing countries rather than in the developed countries. For any company that wants to excel in the market, the base is always the BPOs that garner a connection between the company and its customers through effective communication. If one is unaware what BPO stands for then it will be better to know that it means Business Process Outsourcing. Some of the countries that are competing to get a stand in the BPO market are Malaysia, India, Philippines, China, and Mexico. Countries like Guatemala, Puerto Rico and El Salvador are gaining importance. These countries face some challenges in order to execute business. Some of the challenges that the industry faces are as follows: Changing Political Scenarios The BPO industry can greatly...[Read More]

Finding the Unexpected at Serikin Market, Sarawak

Most women like shopping, taking their sweet time to browse, try or look at almost the whole range of stuff available, before deciding to buy or not. Being a man myself, I was thus rather focused in my shopping expedition: go into shop, find target item, buy and leave. However, a trip to Serikin Market in the town of Serikin about 20 kilometres from Bau town or about 60 kilometres from Kuching City, Sarawak, could be an unexpected thrill. On the first trip I made to Serikin Market, I was surprised to find locks of glossy long black hair, coiled and tied up nicely, being sold at one of the stalls in the market place. I would presume the real hair would be used for wig-making purposes. There were goat skins for sale too, which could be used as decorative rugs in the living room perhaps. But ...[Read More]

Tourist Pitfalls to Avoid in Malaysia

Some tourists commit a few mistakes during their vacation in Malaysia. The result is often unnecessary expenses or losses. The article is a distillation of the more common pitfalls to avoid so that you can steer away from the rough edges of the tourism industry. FREE AMULETS OR SOUVENIRS You are enjoying a meal at a hawker stall or in a coffee shop. In walks a bogus monk (or nun) with amulets and prayer beads in tow. He blesses you: “May Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, bestow you with health, wealth and longevity” or some other mumbo jumbo. He gives you a small amulet or just a length of “blessed” yellow string, and say it is free. This is not your lucky day, however. Once the trinket changes hands, you will be “forced” to give a donation. Sometimes, the...[Read More]

Football (Soccer) Betting Tip – Understanding The Various Odds Formats To Make Money

Odds are the prices the bookmakers offer which tell you how much you can win in a bet at a given stake. In general,the higher the odds the lower the probability of winning and the team is not expected to play as well. Different bookmakers in different countries offer their odds in different ways depending on local custom. You can see odds presented in UK (fractional), European (decimal), US (moneyline) and the formats popularly used in the Asian betting markets which include Indonesian, Malaysian and Hong Kong-style odds formats. In live betting (also known as bet in play, in-game, in-running betting), the odds tell a story. The ability to decode the odds to identify the betting opportunities is the secret to make money, and it is crucial to understand the various odds formats to enable yo...[Read More]

The Dangers of D-Aspartic Acid – Boost Your Testosterone Safely With This Secret!

Don’t use a D-Aspartic Acid supplement until you read this article, you could be actually doing more harm than good! D-Aspartic Acid is all the rage right now in sports supplements. it has the potential to boost testosterone via multiple pathways, but there is a hidden danger that ALL people need to know about when using this popular bodybuilding product. That danger is from increased estrogen production via aromatase. D-Aspartic Acid and it’s analogs D-Sodium-Asparate and N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid are becoming very popular with bodybuilders looking to boost their testosterone to the very highest levels. However this has a very ugly side effect that could potentially make this innocent supplement the devil in disguise. It works by increasing something called steroidogenic acute ...[Read More]

Batik – The Industry in Malaysia and South East Asia

Batik printing techniques and goods have long had a very prominent presence apart from well known producers such as India and Africa. South East Asia is one of those regions where it has long been deeply rooted in the cultures of countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. And they are still very active in the industry today. Malaysia has traditionally been a key player when dealing with batik in this region. Ultimately, the Malaysian government has long been working to turn Malaysia into a regional hub for all things batik. Some parties have claimed that batiks from India as well as Indonesia are superior but that does not mean Malaysian goods are bad by any stretch. It is deeply integrated in society here, particularly in local government events. It is also standard practice for ...[Read More]

The Global Halal Food Market – Riding a Wave of Growth

Halal certification The literal meaning of the Arabic word ‘Halal’ is permissible. It is used in reference to food and drinks that are permissible for Muslims under Islamic Law, as defined in the Koran. It lays down instructions specifying what food can be consumed as well as the method of preparation, addressing mostly meat items and animal tissue. For example, the Islamic form of slaughtering animals involves killing by a cut to the windpipe, carotid artery and jugular vein. Muslim consumers now contribute to a growing demand for high quality and varied Halal food. The Halal certification is a concern for the 1.6 billion global Muslim population because many Muslims live in non-Muslim majority countries where Halal-certified food is at times hard to find or where the authenti...[Read More]

A New Regional Emerging Markets ETF

Emerging market investments offer potential for higher returns while being highly volatile. Investors therefore include emerging markets ETFs in their ETF portfolio. A popular emerging market ETF is iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index Fund (EEM). Regional emerging markets ETFs like iShares MSCI Eastern Europe Index Fund (ESR) and iShares S&P Latin America 40 Index Fund (ILF) offer exposure to different geographic segments. Now a new ETF has become available for investment specifically in Southeast Asia… the Global X FTSE ASEAN 40 ETF (ASEA). The ETF seeks to track the price and yield performance of stocks included in the FTSE ASEAN 40 Index. ASEAN In 1967 Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand formed an economic bloc called the Association of Southeast Asia...[Read More]

Economic Issues That Should Influence Ethical Multi-National Enterprises (MNE)

Multi-National Enterprises (MNE’s) are huge organisations whose boundaries of influence and philosophy exceed those of the home country they originate. They are a very real and important part of the business world in which we live today. Companies such as IBM, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks and Wal-Mart, to name but a few, are huge organisations whose sales and profits often far exceed the Gross National Product (GNP) and Gross National Income (GNI) of many countries or states. Such wealth and resources often, as in most walks of life, coincide with power. The way in which such organisations use their ‘purchased’ power is the topic of much debate. The emphasis they place on satisfying their ‘stakeholder needs’ can vary between companies and also ...[Read More]

The Advantages of MBA International Business Management Online

Advancements in the fields of communication and technology, as well as international travel, have shrunk this planet substantially. These developments have created many potential business opportunities for companies around the globe. The opening of nations’ economy and lowering of international trade tariffs has increased the volume of world-wide business substantially. Therefore, a degree in international business is a wise move for career growth. Career in Global business navigates through complex global economic landscapes. In an online MBA program specializing in international business, international finances, accounting, management, business policies, and marketing strategies will be covered. Earning an MBA makes you more competitive in the job market, with the potential for hig...[Read More]

What Are the Key Advantages of Venturing Into Medical Billing and Coding?

Medical billing specialists translate patients’ records to medical industry-established alphanumeric codes. They will then assign these codes for different types of illnesses, injuries, allocated medications, medical treatments, surgeries, follow up treatments and other related types of information into the computer system. One of the major advantages of Medical billing and coding specialist is that its employment outlook is extremely good. Increase in demand for this profession is expected because of escalated demand from the insurance companies end for high integrity recording of patients’ medical data and records. This is also contributed to the increase growth in the medical treatments, antidote and medical tests. Secondly, medical billing specialists can work in many diffe...[Read More]

How To Get 1,000,000 Customers – A Legitimate Step By Step Online Marketing Strategy

Introduction: This step-by-step “How To Get 1,000,000 Customers” Online Marketing Strategy for attracting website visitors and leads, and nurturing them to convert into customers can be applied to almost any business. Whether you are trying to get 100, or 1000, or 1,000,000 new customers, the plan described herein can be replicated as many times necessary to achieve the desired objectives. Step 1: Conduct Internet Market Analysis Analyze your market segment or vertical, identify best (or ideal) customer profiles, figure out why they buy from you (or should by from you), apply the same analysis to your competition (taking note of why people buy from them). Key: Remember that your prospects primarily care about solving their needs not your business issues. What are the problems t...[Read More]

Web Marketing Strategy Number 9 – Social Media For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

Social Media as a web marketing strategy is all about building trust and relationships with your potential business partners. Social Media is great vehicle which allows your prospects the opportunity to get to know you on a personal level without any sales pressure. Potential business partners are given the opportunity to observe you without feeling obligated to joining your home internet business opportunity. YouTube have all types of video that may be viewed but amazingly producing a perfect video is not required. The desire of the viewer to connect with you on a personal level far outweighs perfection in the actual video. As I write this post there are two Social Media sites in the Top 10 on Alexa Facebook (#2) and YouTube (#4). MySpace (#12) and Twitter (#15) have slowly crept out of t...[Read More]