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3 Best Things to Do in Mersing, Malaysia

Compared to other towns and cities in Malaysia, Mersing may strike visitors as a quiet fishing town that serves as a gateway for people going to nearby islands. Some would consider this town a stopover where they can stock supplies for their next itinerary or take a quick break from their journey. What many don’t see is that Mersing is an attraction in itself, with the many things you can see and do here. So the next time you come to Mersing, engage in these 3 activities: Frolic by the beach. The town’s east coast boasts unspoiled beaches with sandy shores and rocky banks. Meanwhile, some 12 km north of Mersing is Air Papan, which offers travelers a relaxing, secluded, and beautiful tropical haven. The 3-km stretch of sand is complemented by pristine waters and an expanse of tr...[Read More]