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MLM Training – First Timers MLM Training Guide For Network Marketing Success

My first day in MLM Training! I was both excited and nervous because I had just completed my first "NDO" or New Distributor Orientation with my Millionaire upline from Taiwan. He had joined Amway more than 10 years ago, became a Diamond in Amway but quit later and switched to Nuskin. He became a Team Elite Million Dollar Earner in Nuskin and now I believe he has made over 10 million US Dollars in MLM. My upline said, "This business is very simple. All you need are these 4 pieces of paper!" "Hmm!" I was kinda skeptical, yet I had to believe him because he is successful. So he dug out a few pieces of paper from his pocket and started writing down on the whiteboard. 1) 2 Important Concepts: i) Long Term Thinking ii) 100% Duplication "Ok! The first important ...[Read More]

How to Attract the Right People Into Your Network Marketing Business

 It is a dream for most network builders to attract the right people into his business.In order for you to reach the top of your pay-plan, you need to get the right number of business builders into your network as soon as possible. Just look at the top performers in your company and you will see that their huge organizations are mobilized by only two or three really active and producing ‘FRONTLINERS’. A frontline is a distributor whom you personally ‘SPONSOR’ (recruit). So what do you need to do to attract these business builders? Or lets put it this way: What needs to happen before these ‘STARS’ join you? Things always happen for a reason. In the old traditional way, they have been telling you to talk(show the plan) to 1,000 people to get 200 to join yo...[Read More]

Top Ten Questions To Identify Network Marketing Internet Business

Today, people have choices to join traditional MLM home business or online MLM business. In the beginning, I joined traditional MLM home business and tried to market the business online. It didn’t work because they had restrictions. They didn’t provide support for our online marketing efforts. They’re against us instead. My past experience made me understand better the difference between the two. Now, I list down top ten questions to identify network marketing internet business. 1. Does the MLM company provide you with a personalised website? The website must carry your name, your email and or your picture as a brand partner. This website can serve as administration, training and resources at the back office. The example is 2. Does the MLM interne...[Read More]