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4 05 2018 Internet Dominator Call- Using Basic SEO Tools Efficiently To Promote Your Website

⋗ Discussing the effects and testing of Royaltie Gem. ⋗ Factors that may affect reactions regarding Royaltie Gem. ⋗ Feedback on creators of Royaltie Gem and what their response is. ⋗Viable ways that Royaltie Gem could still work for the business owner. ⋗ Educating the market to direct them to your products and services. ⋗Figuring out the right audience and repositioning your products and services. ⋗ Preparing a marketing strategy when attending a Podcasting seminar. ⋗Creating a landing page on a WordPress and Bluehost for marketing purposes ⋗Making good use of marketing funnels and taking advantage of them rather than the other way around. ⋗ Figuring out who your target market is and what they want. ⋗ Things to remember before you build your site or before hiring a web developer. ⋗ Creatin...[Read More]