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3 Reasons Why Listening Skills Are Very Important In Today’s Business World

Listening skills are important because it’s part of communication. It helps you to improve your human skills and to expand your social networks. However, many people tend to talk a lot and neglected the listening part during a conversation. Bad listening habits may causes unnecessary losses or mistake. The following list will remind you about the importance of listening skills and aids you to become a better listener in the future.  Importance of listening skills: 1) Improve understanding. Listening well will aids you to improve your understanding towards your surrounding environment and people, your daily task and job. No matter you’re the lower level employees or top manager of the company, you need to have good listening skills in order to fully understand your responsibilit...[Read More]

Braving the New World

One of the challenges that those of us in the Feng Shui and BaZi profession face is the constantly evolving world we live in. Contrary to popular misconception, just because Feng Shui and BaZi derive a great deal of their application from classical texts does mean that these fields are out of date or somehow old-fashioned and not applicable to modern situations. After all, you do not see engineers saying that the theory of relativity is irrelevant in the modern world – if anything, science is a progressive and progressive field and researchers are constantly building on the foundations of classical ideas. It is such with Feng Shui and BaZi as well. Unlike the old days, today's Feng Shui practitioners have to be more multi-faceted in our skills. Take the construction of a building...[Read More]

The Main Attractions at the Resorts World Integrated Resort in Singapore

The first ever integrated resort that was launched in Singapore was the Resorts World Casino located on Sentosa Island. This resort and casino is owned by Genting Group, a Malaysian company who owns Malaysia’s only casino at Genting Highlands in the Malaysian state of Pahang. Resorts World is a great place to visit for your entire family. Here are the main attractions at the Resorts World Integrate Resort in Singapore. Universal Studios Theme Park One of the major highlights of Resorts World is that there is a Universal Studios Theme Park located on its property. Genting Group has partnered up with the Universal Studios Group to launch this flagship theme park. This is Southeast Asia’s first ever theme park from Universal Studios. Although the theme park is a smaller version th...[Read More]

Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Bars in the World!

Brand loyalty is something all businesses strive for. But in terms of chocolate which comes out on top? Below is a list of the Top 10 most popular chocolate bars in the world in terms of consumption. But before you read on why do not you take a guess as to what is number one? 10. Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars Invented by Milton S. Hershey of Lancaster, PA in 1894, Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars were the first mass produced chocolate bar in the USA. Still going strong they have been described as 'The Great American Chocolate Bar' and possess a slightly sour and tangy taste that is distinctly 'Hersheys'. 9. Oh Henry! Created in 1921 by the Williamson Candy Company, this chocolate bar contains a delicious mix of peanuts, caramel and fudge which is coated in smooth milk chocolate. P...[Read More]

Largest Shopping Malls in the World

Malls have become a lot more than simply being just shopping venues. They have become a modern version of a park as the people regularly flock to the malls in order to just hang out and also have a lot of fun. These malls have anything and also everything that you would require in your day to day life. The malls that have been built in recent times are very big. Below, we have compiled a list of the largest malls that are present in the world. The Sunway Pyramid Mall in Malaysia If you are in Subang Jaya, there is no reason for you to miss this mall. It is designed in a pyramid shape and it also has a giant lion standing at its entrance. The mall was opened in the year 1997 and has 800 services and shops available. The Cahavir Mall in Turkey This is an entertainment center cum a shopping m...[Read More]