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The 5 Biggest Brands of Ice Hockey Equipment

When it comes to finding ice hockey equipment, there are a huge range of different brands, and each of these brands has different strengths or selling points. As you’re stocking up your hockey kit with all of the essential types of gear, which brands should you be looking at? The ones you choose will ultimately depend on a number of preferences and choices, as well as budgetary decisions. Here is a quick look at the 5 biggest brands of ice hockey equipment. Bauer Bauer makes a complete line up of ice hockey equipment, including sticks, skates, pants and protective gear, gloves, helmets, goalie gear, roller gear, accessories and apparel, and more. Certainly, you’ll find everything you need for your ice hockey kit from them if you want. All of their gear comes sorted across diffe...[Read More]

Arriving in 2014: All-New Small Cadillac Crossover SUV

The Cadillac brand continues to add new models, with the XTS and ATS joining the fold in 2012, the ELR in 2013 and updates of current models also rolling out. General Motors is on a roll with its luxury brand, a formidable competitor to the likes of BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, Audi and other premium brands. One new model that will likely be introduced is a subcompact crossover, but you will have to wait until 2014 to see this vehicle. Crossover SUV Plans for a small crossover SUV are progressing, a model that will compete against the BMW 1 Series. This won’t be the first time that GM has offered a premium subcompact crossover SUV as the automaker now has the Buick Encore in its fold. Still, its top brand has lacked such a model, a vehicle that will slot below the SRX when it...[Read More]

The Top 3 Chicory Coffee Brands – Add a Unique Taste to Your Cup of Joe

Have you tried every type of coffee the world has to offer? As a passionate coffee drinker, I’d like to say that I have, but I haven’t traveled the world, nor do I have the time or money. However, if you want to try something new when it comes to coffee, a good cup of coffee and chicory may just do the trick. What is Chicory? I’m glad you asked. Chicory is just another herb that can be roasted and ground after you’ve dried it. It’s known as a perennial herb, which just means it grows throughout every season. It looks like a flower with purple petals and its leaves can be used in a salad. The root is the part that gets roasted and was used as a substitute for coffee in the 18th century. Of course, chicory doesn’t have to be a substitute. You can combine w...[Read More]

Number One Hit By Migos Recalls Other Songs Mentioning Popular Brands

It was just as I had suspected. When I saw the title of the song in the number one position on the charts, “Bad and Boujee” by Migos, I ventured a stab as to the meaning of the latter word. A quick Internet check informed me that, indeed, it was a shortened form of bourgeoisie. Aside from the neat word in its title, “Bad and Bourjee” also stands out because of the numerous references to brand names. An article on a program from National Public Radio actually examined that very topic, when reporter Kat Lansdorf appeared on the August 22, 2016 edition of All Things Considered. Lansdorf concluded that the number one hit by Migos and Lil Uzi Vert mentions 19 brands in all,including Subway and Segway. She then discussed how that fact inspired journalists Kim Bashin and L...[Read More]

Top Tea Brands And Tea Companies

Just what constitutes a "top tea brand"? The question of what tea is "best" is a highly subjective one. Just looking at sales figures alone does not kindly paint the picture of which brands and tea companies offer a premium-quality product, since there are many tea drinkers who buy certain brands out of convenience or habit. If you want to discover which tea companies offer the top-quality brands of tea, you must dig a bit deeper. Rather than presenting a quick-and-easy list of the top 10 tea brands, I am going to present a more critical take on what it means to be a top tea company: there are different notions of quality and different measures of what is best . Which brand is best for you depends on what you are looking for. Big corporate tea brands dominate the market...[Read More]

Fissler – One of the World’s Top Brands for High End Cookware Since 1845

With so many cookware options nowadays, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the horde of cookware sets available. It seems like new features, materials and designs are being added to pots and pans by the month. In fact, new cookware brands can be a hefty decision with some sets costing hundreds of dollars only to find out that a set of cookware does not match particular expectations, or cooking needs. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a brand that you feel like the one for you, considering what has been extremely popular for twenty, fifty, or even eighty years of cooking service is your number one proof of a quality brand. If you ask your mom, grandma, and veteran cooks of their favorite brands of cookware, they can provide honest and time-tested feedback about product...[Read More]

The Best Running Shoes for Women, Criteria and the Best Brands

The market today is overflowing with running shoes and it is hard to find one pair that fits the title of best running shoes. The choice of athletic shoes depends on the runner’s specific requirement and foot type so what might be suitable for one runner might not be so for another. Until recently most sport wear companies considered women’s sport shoes as just a smaller version of the men’s sizes colored pink or orange. Today these same companies have discovered that there is a unique market niche for female runners and are investing in innovative styles and engineering of these shoes to accommodate the differences found in women. The criteria used when grading the best running shoes for women include cushioning, stability and motion control. Cushion shoes are recommende...[Read More]

Buying the Best Chamomile Tea – How To Locate the Best Brands to Buy This Herbal Tea From

Chamomile, also spelled camomile, is a popular herb for use either on its own in herbal teas or in blends. When buying chamomile tea, there are a number of questions and factors to consider. Tea company or bulk herb company? Chamomile is sold both by tea companies and bulk herb companies. Tea companies tend to have higher prices, but, in some cases, have selected high-quality batches that are better for brewing as herbal tea. Check the company though: some of the better herb companies have extraordinary Blend or pure chamomile? Not all teas labeled as “chamomile” are made exclusively from the chamomile plant; many of these herbal teas are actually blends which contain mostly chamomile, but also contain other herbs or flavorings. Some people actually prefer these blends, because...[Read More]

2018 BMW X2 – The New Sporty SUV Crossover

It’s just the beginning of 2017 and BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG), one of the best-selling luxury automakers in the world, is all set to sensationalize the global market with one of its finest models of crossovers in the upcoming year of 2018. Preening to perfection, the new SUV is ready to slot in-between X1 and X3 and hence, gets its name – BMW X2 SUV. First showcased at the 2016 Paris Motor Show the preview model of 2018 BMW X2 is speculated to stay true to its design principles as detailed last year with only a handful of changes anticipated – though to the positive end. It will be the third and the smallest product to be released in its category. Let’s have a detailed view. 2018 BMW X2 Concept As per the design makers of BMW, the idea of X2 has been concept...[Read More]

Buying Soccer Cleats Online? Checks To Help You Choose The Best Store

It is said that soccer cleats are as good as the feet inside them but it is also true to say that you cannot bring out the best in you in the wrong cleats. It is therefore of importance that you choose the right soccer cleats to give your best performance in the pitch. With everything online, it is also very possible for you to find the right cleats from the comfort of your home and have them come to where you are. You just need to select the best online store to source your cleats from and you are good to go. But what should matter when looking for that ideal online store. Variety – It is definitely a must have because not one shoe fits all. A good online soccer items store should offer you a wide range. There are of course brands that are reputable such as Puma, Nike and Adidas. It...[Read More]

America’s Top 3 Luggage Brands

When it comes to picking the ideal luggage, there are many options ranging from different prices, colors, materials, and styles. However, there is nothing more disappointing than the experience of getting cheap bags that will only last through a few trips. Buying luggage with your vacation in mind is not the only think to consider before going shopping. Your bags need to be durable, affordable and have style, such that you can find with Samsonite luggage. Quality is crucial to the survival of your luggage through all the handling it will endure during holiday times so buying your set of bags from one of the top luggage brands in America is an investment not an expenditure. Samsonite luggage is one of the leading brands worldwide, along with American Tourister, and Victorinox, the renowned ...[Read More]

Best of The Best: A Review of Brand Names in Men’s Underwear

Buying men’s underwear is not too common of a routine for us guys. Basically, we wear them until they disintegrate. At the same time, guys can be too curious for their own good by experimenting and buying new brands in underwear without doing thorough researching or by doing any kind of review of top brand names in men’s underwear. The result is, to put it bluntly, itchy, uncomfortable, and just awkward. Not to mention you may be out a few bucks because of the old saying “the more expensive a product is the better”. Right? Well, if you ask your family jewels, they might not agree. Best of the Best When it comes to top brand names in men’s underwear, there are more great ones out there than you may think. For example, DMK and AussieBurn make the best of the bes...[Read More]

Top 5 Microbead Pillow Brands

While all microbead pillows offer significant improvements in health and comfort from other types of pillows, not every one is equal. There are certain brands with higher quality standards and the user’s comfort and health in mind. For some brands, microbead pillows are nothing more than a novelty. However, there are other, higher quality brands who put hours of research and development into their products in order to greater increase the overall comfort and ability to sleep in their clients. Above all other brands, is Snooztime. They effectively set the pillow standards incredibly high with their style, comfort, and quality. This company strives not only to create comfort for all those who purchase a pillow, but also to offer their product at a fair price. Other top of the line pill...[Read More]

Top Brands Comparison – Samsonite Luggage, Travelpro Luggage, and Delsey Luggage

Samsonite Luggage, Travelpro Luggage and Delsey Luggage are some of the renowned companies that are associated with the manufacturing of different kinds of travel bags. The bags made by these companies offer several unique features and with the quality and style these bags appeal to a large section of people. Samsonite Luggage Samsonite Sahora Brights 20in. Spinner Upright is one of the most-used branded spinner bags. The dimensions, capacity and weight of this bag are respectively 40 linear inches, 1729 cubic inches and 9.5 lbs. Usually, this popular Samsonite travel bag provides lots of facilities to its users. Shiny polycarbonate and Samsonite’s ABS corners are the main materials used to make this bag. Like all other Samsonite luggage bags, it has spinner wheels, side and top carr...[Read More]

Delsey Luggage – Fast Facts a Top Brand Name

Delsey Luggage items are deemed innovative and creative. Its name alone has served and satisfied millions of consumers in countries around the globe. And with Delsey’s 90 years of existence, it has produced numerous Delsey luggage marked in superior quality. Some fast facts about Delsey: Delsy is tagged as the Number 2 luggage manufacturer in the world. It sells more than 4.5 million pieces of Delsey luggage in a year; about 8.5 pieces sold every minute. Its presence is felt in 105 countries across 5 continents and owns 7 subsidiaries. A highly successful company as it is, Delsey luggage’s hardside as well as their revolutionary softside designs are what made the company a worldwide leader in luggage manufacturing. The Delsey luggage collectionboasts of a wide array of styles f...[Read More]