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Registering Your Business Name and Registering Your Brand Name

When Are You Required to Register Your Business Name? You are obligated to register your business name with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), so long as you: Include other words in your business name besides your own. For example, Graham Jones Pool Cleaning or Henderson & Sons would both require registration. Are trading under a name that is anything but your own If you are operating a company (including legalities Pty Ltd) and you want to trade under a name that is not your company name. The only exemption to registration is if you are trading under your own name: that being your given name or initials, followed by your surname. You are not permitted to use an unregistered business name, or a name that is not either your own name, or your corporation’s ...[Read More]

Business Name Ideas – 7 Unbreakable Rules of Great Branding

One of the first things you need when you start your company is good business name ideas so that you can create a brand that is going to work for years to come. Most people don’t take this too seriously but believe me, your name and branding can sometime be make or break for a startup. Everyone and his brother can open a business these days using the interest as a platform for super cheap commerce, so the important thing is to do everything in your power to stand out. In this article I want to give you lots of business name ideas for coming up with that amazing name for your company. Let gets started… THE 7 GOLDEN RULES OF A GOOD BUSINESS NAME 1. It must be super easy to remember. 2. Don’t be too clever, use easy to spell words so that people can find you online. 3. Let p...[Read More]

Why Your Business Should Upgrade to a Responsive Web Design Sooner Rather Than Later

Why should my business have a responsive web design? Responsive web design has become the go-to solution for businesses who want a user friendly interface and higher customer retention. If your company has come this far without taking advantage of all the benefits it has to offer, you may have already begun to see lower visitor numbers and a disappointing conversion rate. As a responsible business owner, you’ll probably need convincing before paying to upgrade your web presence to one that includes responsive design. However, by opting in you’ll soon see a return on investment that will make it worthwhile. In a nutshell, responsive design is just better than what has gone before and in order to keep up with the competition, you’ll need it too. Responsive web design is cru...[Read More]

Brand Identity: Importance of Brand Identity for Your Business

Starting a new business requires a lot of work. The most important step to be taken beforehand is to build a brand identity. Most business owners face a bit of confusion when it comes down to brand identity and corporate identity. First thing to do is get the facts straight and over the confusion. Corporate identity and brand identity are two very different parts of your business. These two aspects are often considered to be the head and tail of a coin. Each represents authenticity of a business. Yet, both the identities have to coexist to make your new business into a success. Brand identity is concerned with the functions of the business. It is a showcase of what exactly your company promises to deliver to all the consumers. The brand identity includes a number of functional aspects of y...[Read More]

Part V – A Day in the Life of (This) User Experience Designer

Today we "close" our series on the IDEATE Design Loop with "E" – "Evaluate the Results." At this point we have either: 1. Finished usability testing of the designs with our target users or 2. Implemented our visual designs and have gone live with our site or application. User experience design is an ongoing living and breathing process that can only be improved upon if we have measurable metrics and a clear plan for regularly checking how we're doing so we can keep steering the ship in the right direction. Usually we can not fix everything and completely change the world in the first launch, so we break it down and create new targets to the future. Evaluating the results of our major UI design revamps can help keep us on track and even give us ideas ...[Read More]

Logo Design – Why Hire a Professional Logo Design Company?

These days there are many ways that you can go about getting a logo design for your business, consumers are certainly spoilt for choice. One method that can seem the most affordable is DIY option, however, this is often the most expensive because of the time it takes for someone who has no experience in logo design to do the job. Those who are tempted to take on the task of themselves almost always under-estimate the amount of skill and work that goes into a professionally designed logo and don’t give proper consideration as to what is actually involved. If you choose to make your own logo you may have fun tweaking and modifying fonts, lines, shapes and colours but because of your lack of training and experience you will almost certainly make the same mistakes as amateur logo designe...[Read More]

The Importance Of Web Design

The web design of your business-related Internet site is your means of connecting with your audience or potential customers. It is the first impression they get of your brand, so you have to make sure that the images they get are right. Expert web designers Melbourne have the skills and experience to design your website for maximum business benefits. The Importance Of Design Your website is the face of your business on the Internet, and that is why the right web design is so important. When you hire the services of highly qualified web designers, you can be sure that your image on the web will be a powerful tool that puts your business message across. Hiring the services of accomplished web experts is not an expense but an investment, for it brings in profits for your business. Website Des...[Read More]

Fundamentals of Mobile Website Development (and Tips on How to Work on These)

To date, mobile applications has been evidently on a wide utilization. That is why mobile website development has been one of the hippest tactic for businesses in their marketing effort today. With this, businesses can cope with latest market challenges through mobile presence. A great way to cope with business trend now is having an easy to navigate websites that can lead visitors into customers. However, what is more challenging is the consumer's prowess in controlling everything in the palm of their hands. That is, going mobile can be one way to survive a business. Just like website management, mobile web development is an essential move to maintain and improve your company's overall market presence. Becoming more responsive can increase company's efficiency and productivity...[Read More]

Graphic Designer Tips: Functionality And Business Considerations For Your Logo Design

1. Design a lock up version Logos often come with a brand message, generally called the tag line. The logo and slogan must work together effectively and do equally well in their individual capacities. The coming together of both elements is referred to as a lock up. Aim for cohesion and harmony between your logo design and the company's slogan. 2. Avoid doing too much Do not try to incorporate too much into the logo design in an effort to do everything. The logo does not have to reflect each aspect of the organization's history, products or services. A computer manufacturing business does need a computer on the logo to be effective, like Apple Inc. 3. Take away the unnecessary stuff Use subtraction to remove redundancy in your creative endeavors. Ask yourself continuously if the lo...[Read More]

Part IV – A Day in the Life of This User Experience Designer

The second to last step in the IDEATE Design Loop is “T” – Try out the alternatives. For my process, this usually means we are ready to either: A. Prepare designs for usability testing OR, B. Move into production Preparing For Usability Testing If we need to prepare visually treated designs for usability testing, then our designs do not necessarily need to be completely accurate for slicing up and programming, but they need to be clean. What I mean by “clean” is that the layouts are crisp, spelling is accurate, and persistent items (like navigation menus, headers, footers, global navigation) are positioned consistently across all pages to be tested. This ensures that the user will not be distracted by tiny layout changes and can focus on navigating the site an...[Read More]

The New Age of Designing a Custom Logo

As they say the first impression is the most lasting one, what do you think leaves an impression of a company on its customers? Correct! The company logo is the company’s first impression. The next question that arises is should the top management be actively involved in designing a custom logo for their business or should they just leave it to their design team or a third party design studio? Nowadays companies want to be more personal with their customers, as the logo serves as a communicator between the company and customer; hence they actively take part in designing their custom logos. Some may view designing a custom logo as tedious, whereas it can be turned into a pleasant process if the following are kept in mind when designing a custom logo: FONT Logos mostly fail because of ...[Read More]

How Do You Define a Good Logo Design?

Everyone wants his company logo to be the best but how good is good? How do we define a good logo? Is it necessary to be colorful or an exquisite piece of art? Can a simple design work as a good logo? We are often in a dilemma. Now to define a good logo design we first need to understand the purpose of having a logo. A corporate logo is one of the most essential branding elements for your company. It should be instrumental in building your corporate identity and should successfully exude the company’s attitude. The viewers must have some idea about the disposition, character, or fundamental values of your company through your logo. The functionality of a logo does not end here, I have not yet mentioned the most important function of a corporate logo. Your logo should be able to build...[Read More]

The Relation Between a Brand and Brand Elements

It is in human psychology to stand out in a crowd, to have a unique persona built around one's self and to carve out an own niche. This desire of identity is reflected in a number of activities we carry out in the business world. I'm particularly referring to marketing a brand making it sell. But is that all there is to it? Do marketers simply brand a product and dish it out to retailers? There is a far more intricate and complex assembly of critical and tactical tasks involved. Branding may be defined as a mode of communicating to the customers the special feeling or an image of a product that a manufacturer intends. Thus, coming into being of a new brand almost instantaneously initiates another thought process – how to make it known among the public and in what manner shoul...[Read More]

Packaging Design Tips to Boost Your Sales

It has been backed by studies that the choice of packaging can play a huge role in driving the sales of a product. It can be even more effective in drawing the undecided customers. The packaging speaks for the product itself and is seen as a reflection of the product quality and brand reputation. It also helps in creating a sense of emotional attachment among the regular customers. Therefore, it is also very important to pay attention to the design as much as to the product. Here are some valuable tips on how you could increase your product sale by choosing the right form of packaging: The design should be in accordance with the target audience The package design should be reflective of the values, attitude, age, and behavior of the target audience. This can help in pushing the product sal...[Read More]

Getting the Perfect Website Design

This article goes out to all those people out there who want to get that dream website to showcase their brand online. I am assuming that you want to hire the services of a good web design agency rather than trying to learn the code yourself. Getting an awesome website requires understanding the basics of web design so that you can deal and explain things better to your web agency. Here are some strategies that will help you get your dream business website. Get your marketing plan ready: Web agencies prefer that clients stay away from too much functional specifics of a website. All you need to present to your agency is your overall marketing goal, target audience and demographics. Stay away from sketches or too many examples. Every business is unique with its own goals and success metrics....[Read More]