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Malaysia Top 10

The Best Rosacea Treatment Cream – Metronidazole Vs Finacea

Two of the most common treatment options prescribed in the treatment of rosacea are metronidazole cream and finacea gel. Both these topical antibiotics are prescribed for the mild to moderate symptoms of rosacea, but is one better than the other? Based upon research that has been undertaken, I will discuss how effective these creams are and whether one is more effective than the other. Topical metronidazole was first reported as an effective treatment of rosacea back in 1983 and remains the most popular treatment option today. It is a broad spectrum antibiotic which helps to reduce inflammation and to treat bacterial infections. It’s available in lotion, cream and gel form and is commonly prescribed as metrogel, acea, anabact, metrosa, rosiced, rozex and zyomet. Studies have shown th...[Read More]

Top 6 Tips For Garden Designers Working Overseas

The market for design is a global phenomenon and many countries are highly regarded for turning out some of the best designers in particular fields. But one of the biggest challenges to master is how you get your name out beyond your own national or regional market and expand your portfolio overseas. Here are some top tips 1. Consider your motives Ask why would you want to leave the comfort of your local work and invest in another territory? What motivates you to start seeking work overseas? This is even more important when working far away from home because you need to be very sure of a number of factors to make it work and to make it pay. We all have some initial motivation for working overseas but you must remember that marketing, profit, income, effectiveness and construction are equal...[Read More]

What You Don’t Know About Georgetown, Penang

History Hello and ‘lu ho boh’- that’s ‘how are you?’ in Hokkien, the main Chinese dialect in Penang. The historic city of George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Before we begin, let me tell you a little about Penang, or sometimes known as the Pearl of the Orient. Penang used to be part of Malay Sultanate of Kedah, across the sea in the mainland. But in 1786, Captain Francis Light managed to get Penang from the Sultan of Kedah for the British East India Company, together with Singapore and Malacca. He then built what is known today as George Town. Penang gets its name from the Malay word Pinang which means ‘betel nut’, and Pulau Pinang literally means ‘betel nut island’. It was later named Prince of Wales Island, commemorating King...[Read More]

Top 10 Tips For Most Efficient Ways in Preventing Jet Lag

Top 10 Tips: 1) Adjust The Time Difference Simple, just follow what ever program that the flight attendant schedule for passengers like going to sleep when they shut off the cabin lights, wake up when they start delivering the foods. 2. Sleeping Pills Put yourselves to sleep by taking some moderate dosage of sleeping pills. 3. Vitamin B12 Some advise from nutritionist on taking B12 supplement 2 weeks before the exact travel date, since some data shown that vitamin B12 helps reduce jet lag issues. 4. Orange Juice Some people try this remedy of drinking a lot of orange juice or eating banana helps in avoiding jet lag. 5. Eating Habit Avoid eating too full or fatty and oily food, as it is hard for digestion and causing you not get into sleep easily. Try to drink a cup of coffee when touching ...[Read More]

Best Hospitality and Tourism Management Schools

The best hospitality and tourism management schools are where you gain an academic education on a degree program, which is a requirement if you are planning on enjoying a long career in the travel and tourism industry. When you gain qualifications in the tourism industry, the knowledge and education you gain will ensure that you are going to succeed in the hospitality industry in general. Here are just a few of the top tourism and hospitality management schools located around the world: National Academy Foundations, New York IMI Switzerland AIM Paris, France Queenstown Resort College, New Zealand Victoria Management School, New Zealand Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS) Choose any one of these great management schools, and your life will soon become an adventure in this vast ...[Read More]

Penang Durian

In Malaysia this football size fruit shape round to elongate and colour green to greenish bronze and its flesh pale yellow to red, depending on the species with sharp spines as the “King of Fruits”. Durian scientific name is Durio zibethinus Murr belongs to the Bombaceae family and is native from sumatera, Indonesia. The durian tree grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine and Vietnam. The name Durian is resulting from the Malay word “duri” which mean thorn, due to its thick, harsh and thorny husk. The strong, delicious smell and juicy flesh of the durian which no other fruit can be camparable. Texture of good durian flesh should be felt dry on your finger tip when lightly touch/ press on the most outer layer of the flesh, with soft and creamy texture as a...[Read More]

5 Best Cultural Events in Penang

Penang hosts numerous exciting events and festivals throughout the year. All the major religious and cultural festivals are celebrated in Penang just like any other state in Malaysia. The Chinese population in Penang is quite large and thus you witness numerous vibrant Chinese festivals celebrated here, which is quite unlikely in other parts of Malaysia. So, you get to enjoy the Penang International Floral festival, where flowers of various shapes, sizes and colors are displayed. This event takes place every year and attracts visitors from all over the world. In addition, several other top festivals in Penang include: George Town Festival: George Town festival is a month-long celebration that comprises of film, music, dance, theatre and local art. The festival was introduced in 2009 when G...[Read More]

Top 10 Solid Examples of Pavlov Classical Conditioning in Action

What’s Pavlov Classical Conditioning? This theory can be defined as a form of associative learning that was first demonstrated by Ivan Pavlov, a Russian psychologist. Since Ivan Pavlov founded this theory with his breakthrough research techniques, it’s also known as “Pavlov classical conditioning.” More Explanation On Pavlov Classical Conditioning The typical procedure for inducing this theory involves pairing an unknown brand, things, words, and music repeatedly together with some other stimulus that you know already automatically elicits positive feelings or emotions. Let me enlighten you with more examples of classical conditioning theory in action if you’re still blank. 10 Solid Examples Of Classical Conditioning In Action Pairing ...[Read More]

Singapore and Malaysia – Reminiscences Unlimited

Air travel has assumed a new dimension in the modern era. Low cost airlines have made travel affordable. Singapore and Malaysia are two countries connected to rest of the world by budget airlines. Singapore like Malaysia is a destination which offers the visitors more value for their money. Singapore is not a cheap destination like Malaysia, but flying in a lot cost airline can make a huge difference in the holiday budget. With an area much less than that of Trivandrum district, Singapore is a pretty small country. Tourism Industry in Singapore has grown tremendously thanks to relentless pursuit for excellence in public and private ventures. Corruption is almost zero and citizens get excellent response to their grievances through a technology based interface. The public transports systems ...[Read More]

Company Closure – Wind Up Or Strike Off?

Closing a company is not as easy as you think it is: It actually requires more time and effort to de-register a company than to register one. We’re talking about Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd) entities here. You should probably ignore the rest. Your company could be dormant due to insolvency (lack of financial resources to pay debts or provide a sustainable business) or maybe your partners couldn’t agree and decide to go their own ways. Either way, there’s still one more entity to face: The Law. Your visit to your favourite legal consultant could’ve already paved a string of information for you – But it’s often never really enough. Well, if you’re reading this, you’re definitely at the right place already. The big question follows: Should I strik...[Read More]

What You Don’t Know About Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman has some of the most fascinating buildings lined up all along the way. Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman was the shopping hub of Kuala Lumpur before modern shopping malls took over the city. All along this road, one will see many pre-war buildings in Art Deco and Neo-Classic styles, whose beautiful exterior have been preserved to accommodate modern retail shops. Anyone walking down the road will be greeted by a riotous scene of people, bags and carpets. Tourists dying to run away from touristy areas and are keen to see how ‘normal’ Malaysians live will find Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman fascinating in giving a glimpse of real Malaysian life. Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman or as it was formerly known as Batu Road, was named after the first Yang di-Pertuan Agong or King ...[Read More]

Shopping in Kuala Lumpur – Malls, Bazaars and Flea Markets

Kuala Lumpur ranks as one of the top shopping destinations in Asia. As all budgets are catered for, you will be enticed to shop till you drop! You can also expect both a fantastic variety of products as well as value for money. From designer labels to home-grown brands, even the discerning shopper will be spoiled for choice. But you may like to bring home something typically Malaysian, in which case, spare some time to shop for ethnic crafts. A wide range can be found at the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex and the Central Market. Among the recommended items are batik (hand-painted or in block motifs available in traditional and contemporary designs, available as pareos, sarongs, scarves, shirts or dresses); songket (cloth intricately handwoven with silver or gold thread); silver items (jeweller...[Read More]

Trip to Thailand Singapore and Malaysia – Gems of South East Asia

Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia are the most favored holidaying destinations in South East Asia. The beautiful contrast of blue and green, modern architecture, rich culture and heritage beauty, man made attractions, throbbing night life, amazing tourist attractions and lots of shopping, etc have made these places truly a heaven for one and all, vacationers, holiday makers, nature lover, leisure vacationers and honeymooners. Every year a large number of tourists from all over the world come to these places to explore the unmatched beauty of these wonderful places which have made them rightly called the Gem of South East Asia. These places have gamut of attractions and all of them are amazingly beautiful. Be it pristine beaches, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, fun-filled water theme ...[Read More]

5 Easy Fuel Saving Tips – What Are Effective Ways to Save More Fuel?

With skyrocketing fuel prices, most drivers are ever eager to find ways to make their cars more fuel efficient and save as much money as possible. How can this be done? Let’s review some of the fuel saving tips. 1 – Inflate Tires Properly – We probably never think about inflating our car tires unless it goes flat. But, we have to know that inflated tires can save certain amount of fuel. So what are we waiting for? Make sure to check our tires regularly. 2 – Avoid the peak hour – Unless it is absolutely necessary, plan our trips so we do not need to drive during the rush hour and end up using more fuel by being stuck in a jam, some of the peak hours are before and during office hours. 3 – Turn off our car – Stuck in a stagnant jam? If we are going t...[Read More]

My Recommended Top 10 Things to Do in Kuching in 48 Hours

Many tourists like to visit Kuching city, fondly known as the Cat city in Sarawak, Malaysia. Some tourists come on their own based on Lonely Planet guide recommendations of where to go, see and experience. What better ways to experience the city than through a local person’s recommendations. 1. Upon checking in at the hotel in the morning, go for a Kuching city tour. If you follow one of those guided tour, the tour will bring you to the top of Civic Centre Tower for a panoramic view of Kuching city skyline, Sarawak Museum to learn about the past histories and then drive past the gigantic Cat Monument. Many tourists would stop by to take pictures. If you come during the Chinese New Year, the Cat could be seen wearing a traditional Chinese costume. If you come during the Ramadhan month...[Read More]