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Malaysia Top 10

Male Aphrodisiacs For Better Libido And Erectile Dysfunction

As we get older, many men begin to lose interest in sex for many reasons. These could be due psychological factors such as stress and anxiety or physical factors such as the lowering of testosterone level and erectile dysfunction problems amongst many other reasons. Sex is one of the best gifts of worldly pleasures to men and it is a sad situation when we begin to lose interest in it. Fortunately, there are many ways which we can improve our sex drive and libido. For many centuries, many cultures and traditions from different parts of the world ranging from China, India, Malaysia, Egypt to Indonesia have discovered natural organic herbs which are potent natural sex aphrodisiacs. Many of these natural herbs can increase male sex drive and give impotent men harder erections. Some traditions ...[Read More]

What You Don’t Know About Market Square

Market Square in Kuala Lumpur has several tourist attractions such as Central Market, Jalan Hang Kasturi, the OCBC building, Market Square, Sin Seng Nam restaurant, the Old Gian Singh building, the Bank Bumiputra building, Lebuh Ampang, Jalan Tun H.S Lee, the M.S Ally building, and the Tze Ya temple. Central Market You may be tempted to stand under a tree in this hot weather, but be careful. Other than being a popular destination for tourists looking for souvenirs, the trees in front of Central Market are also popular with crows, who might leave you a little souvenir on your head. This charming little Art Deco building is the most popular one-stop cultural centre in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, if you have very little time, this place is more than enough for some cultural experience, showcasing ...[Read More]

10 Things to Do in San Diego Under $10

1. Day at Cabrillo Monument One of the best tourist destinations in San Diego is atop Point Loma at the Cabrillo Monument. This Historical Monument is hundreds of feet above the pacific and offers some of the most extravagant views of the City. For just $5 a vehicle you and your family can watch aircraft carriers come in from sea, walk one of the nature trails, and go down to the surf to play in the tide pools. 2. Picnic at Balboa Park In the center of the city nestled between the freeways and skyscrapers, lies a little eden called Balboa Park. There are many events, museums and things to do for both fee and free in Balboa. One of favorite dates is a simple picnic in the park and then a stroll around the beautiful architecture of the Park. Bonus Hint: Tuesdays are Resident days and offer f...[Read More]

7 Most Unconventional Yet Promising Career Options for Youths

Professional courses not only help in securing a good job, but also help in grooming one’s personality. Attributes such as verbal communication, time management, asset management and self-confidence add a professional flair to the personality. Professional courses mean excellent career prospects and job security that can help you grow in your professional life to the top positions. That’s why youths in this age are more inclined towards professional courses than regular programs. Let’s find out what are the most popular professional courses in the present time apart from B. Tech and MBBS. Career in Chartered Accountancy Chartered Accountancy is one of the best options for students who are exemplary and outstanding in, maths and commerce. Eligibility for CA course is a deg...[Read More]

Differences of Tour Operators and Travel Agents

Tour Operators & travel Agents are different in Malaysia! And the public have had the wrong perception for long time. In Malaysia, Tour Operators and Travel Agents are different and play different roles. In a factory scenario, a Tour Operator is like the production department and the Travel Agent is like the Sales Department… A Tour Operator is the organizer and provider of package holidays. It is often referred as the Ground Handler. The Tour Company will make contracts with hotels and resorts, airlines and ground transport companies like private cars, buses, vans, ferries and trains & etc. With all the necessary pricing and information compiled, the Tour Operator will draft detailed tour packages and distribute to Travel Agents in Travel Agent Directory in Malaysia and even...[Read More]

Program Review – Jason Tan’s Only in Malaysia Mah

Not much is known about the people behind this so called made in Malaysia online money making program. The program’s mini site purportedly reported that it is being run by an ordinary Malaysian Chinese that goes by the name of Jason Tan living somewhere in a posh condo in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. I’m not quite sure when actually this program surfaced here in Malaysia but based from reports that I had received, it is somewhere in the early of 2007. A lot of people have been asking for my review on this program but with very little input, I would try my best to accommodate their requests. Apparently, a lot of people here in Malaysia are curious about the program. They do have genuine interests but hesitates upon fearing that this program might be just another online scam...[Read More]

The Sinister, Scary Impact of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The events and issues surrounding the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has created a suite of scary and sinister concerns for international travel, mobility, security and risk managers as a result. Many do not yet understand the full implications of this event will have on the world. The issues range from technology violations, crisis management, capable threat sources, news reporting to aviation security and management. Also a few new issues we exam here that will also impact the future of travelers and managers alike. For those charged with the preparation and management of people and assets affected, this will assist you in your analysis and future planning. Many more people are now looking at all the associated issues now, some for the first time. What the world now knows about a...[Read More]

The KLCC Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Besides being home to the iconic Petronas Towers, there’s also much to discover at Suria KLCC – one of Kuala Lumpur’s premier shopping destinations. Gazing up in wonder at the 452-metres high Petronas Towers, attention should also be given to its impressive ‘base’ – the bustling Suria KLCC. Although covering just six floors, an approximate 100,000 people pass through the mall’s doors daily, totaling up to over 41 million in traffic yearly. Their formula is simple: understanding its consumers. Apart from a strong retail, food and entertainment mix that span across a staggering 1.7 million square feet, visitors get to enjoy a multi-faceted experience as well. Music enthusiasts may walk through a connected underpass to the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas f...[Read More]

Mahindra Cars, a Class Apart

Mahindra is a renowned automobile manufacturing company, serving the country for more than six decades. Though the company is headquartered in Mumbai in India, it has assembly units in various countries, including China, USA, and the UK. There is a high demand for the vehicles produced by the organization, not only in India, but also in South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, and more. At present, the fleet of Mahindra includes some great looking cars which guarantee good performance too. We take a sneak peek at these cars. • Mahindra Bolero: Powered by Common Rail Diesel engine (CRDe) and mated with a 5-speed Manual Transmission, the Bolero is one of the most admired Multi Utility Vehicles (MUV). It sports a sleek look with comfortable interiors. The 2523 cc diesel mill musters 63 bhp at ...[Read More]

Scuba Diving As a Hobby

If you are considering travelling to a resort or warmer weather, you have a number of options on where to go. You may travel to the Caribbean, or even the Greek islands. No matter where you choose to go, there will be a number of options to spice up your travel adventure. Most resorts offer scuba diving lessons as part of their water sports packages. Scuba diving can be a great way to see creatures that you would never know existed. Most lessons will start with an explanation of the equipment. The instructor will teach each of the students how to breathe properly underwater and how to use the various pieces of equipment. You will learn how to dive below the water and to navigate through the waters. Often on your first few dives, you will simply follow the instructor and the instructor will...[Read More]

‘Kung Fu Secrets’ – Expert Martial Arts Analysis!

Generalisations abound in Martial Arts periodicals, however, ‘Kung Fu Secrets’, true to title, provides detailed insights into this field from expert perspectives. Edited by Grandmaster Yap Leong it offers a unique view of contemporary Kung Fu, key practitioners, central issues and related subjects. Kung Fu Secrets’ The Magazine appears occasionally and, currently, has 3 Volumes to its name with a 4th eagerly awaited by its readers due to the scope and depth of its analysis of contemporary and historical aspects of traditional Kung Fu. Presented with engaging frankness, ‘Kung Fu Secrets’ is an essential prerequisite, in many U.K. martial artists’ eyes, for an understanding of events and issues transcending the superficial. Grandmaster Yap Leong Grandmast...[Read More]

Butterfly Watching in Malaysia

More than two thirds of Malaysia is swathed with vegetation. Within the lowland dipetercarp and hill forests dwell more than 1,032 species of butterflies, which present unlimited opportunities for the delightful hobby of butterfly watching. The butterfly represents tranquility, grace and freedom. Unfortunately, they are extremely sensitive to the environment and have an extremely short life span — only an average of two weeks. Catching sight of these living works of art is a wonderful experience that should be cherished. Malaysian butterflies can be roughly divided into highland and lowland species though some can be found at all elevations. The Clipper (Parthenos Sylvia), for example, is a lowland species that is frequently found at the edge of the rainforest and scrub areas. On the...[Read More]

The "Great Lakes" of Malaysia’s Pahang State

The State of Pahang n Malaysia can truly be dubbed as the “State of Great Lakes” as it is home to Tasik Bera (Bera Lake) and Tasik Cini (Cini Lake) which are consecutively the country’s largest and second largest natural lakes. Taking a trip to these havens of biodiversity promises adventure galore for anglers and naturalists. Sprawling over 6,150 hectares, Tasik Bera measures approximately 35km long and 20km wide. Its water landscape consists of interlocking lakes, fresh water swamps, pandanus (screwpine) swamps and peat swamps, which drain into the Pahang River, the longest river in the country. From Kuala Lumpur, the easiest route to the lake is to travel to Temerloh, then southward towards Triang. Before reaching Triang, a signboard at Kerayong leads you to the norths...[Read More]

2015’s Ten Biggest, Most Memorable Events

NOVEMBER 13 in Paris was a moment for history, much as London 2005 was and September 11 was for the United States of America. 2015 has been littered with terrorism events. It was actually harder than usual putting this list together, because of terrorism’s dominance over the year. Having compiled a Top 10 of this ilk each year since 2009 it was noticeable how significant terrorism has been this year in the cast of this Top 10. NUMBER TEN – NIGERIA ATTACKS BY BOKO HARAM On January 3-7, in a series of massacres in Baga, Nigeria, and surrounding villages, terrorist organisation Boko Haram kills more than 2,000 people. At least sixteen towns are destroyed and over 35,000 people are displaced. NUMBER NINE – GERMANWINGS FLIGHT CRASHES INTO FRENCH ALPS On March 24, Flight 9525, ...[Read More]

The Myth and Truth of Red Bird Nest

Bird nest soap is a famous Chinese health cuisine. It can improve one’s health, make one’s skin radiant and bright, strengthen lungs and prolong life. There are grossly three types of bird nest namely white, black and red ones. The white one is made by a kind of swiftlet called Aerodramus fuciphagus whereas the black one by Aerodramus maximus. The red nest is made by Aerodrumus fuciphagus normally in caves. The red nest is said to be best quality as it can produce the best effects. Hence, red nest is sold at a premium price. The myth about the red bird nest has been lingering in the Chinese community. Some say that the swiftlets mix their saliva with blood when making the nests; other says that due to frequent harvesting by the farmers, the swiftlets have to work too hard until...[Read More]