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Trade Show Marketing Ideas – How to Out Shine Your Competition

Trade Show Marketing Ideas – How to Out Shine Your Competition

Any successful trade shoe exhibitor understands the importance of innovative marketing. As an entrepreneur, in today's competitive market, you really have to make a strong first impression with attendees who visit your exhibition booth. It is vital that your company stands out above the competition and makes an immediate impact with potential clients.

A trade show exhibition is a very powerful marketing tool that can create a lot of exposure for your business. However all to often businesses fail to achieve their sales goals and end up losing money instead. In many cases, trade show losses are not relative to poor products or services, because many of these companies have great products and services, however they fail due to poor marketing planning.

These days, it is not enough to simply set up a booth, place pamphlets and products on a table and expect to attract customers in droves. To create a successful event, you need to come up with an innovative marketing strategy to attract your customers in a way that also supports your business's image.

Many trade show booth exhibitors will resort to the use of multimedia presentations, such as loud music, colorful banners and flashing lights. Although this may not necessarily be a bad thing, you may want to note how many other of your competitor's exhibition booths are actually using the same strategy.

We live in a society where we are constantly being bombarded by loud and flashy advertising all trying to vie for our attention. This can result in what is called as 'ad blindness' we get to the point where we no longer notice the bombardment all around us, so resulting in less effective marketing for those who use these tactics.

This phenomenon also applies to trade show marketing. By trying to stand apart from your competition, your booth can actually end up being part of the background with all the other flashing lights and loud music which can hurt your sales.

So as a business, what do you do to differentiate yourself from your competition?

One of the most effective trade show marketing strategies today is to hire some form of entertainment for your booth. There are many trade show entertainment services available today, ranging from show girls, magicians and spin wheels. However one of the most effective trade show entertainment services you can get, is by having a professional shoe shine stand at your booth.

Imagine having a professional shoe shiner that attracts visitors to your booth while offering your potential clients a great service for free. What makes a shoe shine stand so effective, is that it offers a human touch and communicates to visitors on a much more personal level than any large plasma screen with flashing lights and loud music can ever do.

Another great benefit of having customers in your shoe shiner's chair is that it gives your sales reps an opportunity to break the ice in a casual manner without seeming too pushy. One of the great hurdles in trade show marketing is to be able to lure customers to your booth while not appearing to be pitching a product. Nobody wants to be pitched, this is a big turn off and you can lose potential clients that way. It is so much easier when you have someone who is truly enjoying the experience of visiting your booth because your company will stand out in their minds and this can create some great prospects and generate a lot of new leads.

So the next time you are trying to think up some innovative and effective trade show marketing ideas for your company's next exhibition, you will definitely want to consider the powerful marketing strategy of using a professional shoe shiner to drive a ton of traffic for your business at your next event.

Source by Harry Klein

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