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Traffic Wave Review – Is It Just Another Autoresponder Service?

Traffic Wave Review – Is It Just Another Autoresponder Service?

There are a lot of autoresponder services out there that might get a lof of people confused when it comes to choosing the right one to use. One of the services that’s worth looking into is called Traffic Wave.

Like other autoresponders, Traffic Wave is also different from other services. So, let’s review some of the differences between Traffic Wave and other services.

1. Monthly fee stays the same.

Well-known autoresponder services such as AWeber and Get Response are favorites among many marketers but not many people are willing to pay more when their mailing list database increases. Of course, there’s a reason saying that you could eventually afford to pay higher prices when your list grows because you are supposed to make more money. But, for some people, this is beyond their thinking. So, Traffic Wave solves this problem as they fix the monthly fee of $17.95 per month regardless of the size of your mailing list. What’s more important is that they also allow you to test-drive their service for 30 days, with no credit card number asked. That means, literally everyone can see and experience their service “really” risk-free for a full month.

2. Important features that autoresponder should have.

Although the fee for Traffic Wave is fixed, it doesn’t mean that the company cut on their features. Email broadcast, link tracker, unlimited autoresponders and messages are among what the subscribers will get. If you do not have a website to promote your landing page, they will also provide a unique “hosted” page for you to promote your opt-in box. You could also send your message in text of HTML format. In all, you’ll have basic features of other paid services charge you, and some more.

3. A commission structure that pays a lot.

Many autoresponder services offer only one-level or the most, two-level affiliate programs. For example, Get Response used to have a two-level affiliate program and now they switched to one-level structure, maybe for easier maintenance with their affiliates. Traffic Wave, on the other hand, has a commission structure up to 10 levels. This is great news because not only this company provides an autoresponder service, they also open up an opportunity for their users to generate recurring residual income that can keep on growing every month.

The three factors above are just a starting point for you to know what Traffic Wave can offer. The best way to know its full potential is to give it a try yourself. The autoresponder service is free for 30 days and you get full access to their members area risk free. Here is one tip that many users are applying – you can subscribe to their service for free and while test-driving, you can refer as many paying members as possible. By the time your trial period is over, the commissions from your referrals might have already paid for your next month’s fee.

In all, Traffic Wave is a decent autoresponder service to use but has a great potential for those who are in affiliate marketing business to make good income from their multi-level affiliate program. Even if you are not interested in referral commissions, you can always use their autoresponders to build your mailing lists in any niches you choose.


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