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Trucking Business Plan

Trucking Business Plan

The following are excerpts from the trucking business plan you’ll receive. Start-Up Trucking Company With 1 – 10 Trucks and Trailers. The Plan can be presented modified with your information to apply for a Government Grant and Funds.

Use the sample plan to create a plan that reflects your vision for the future. Incorporate your personal information and research findings into your plan, adding information in each category to express your business plan goals and objectives. The following categories should be outlined in detail and information specific to your venture should be added:

Step 1: Your Trucking Business Plan

List your major competitors with names and addresses. Region where you plan to operate? Which products and what companies will compete with your business.

Competition: Will they compete with you across the board, or just for certain products. Will you have important indirect competitors? How will your company, products and services compare with the competition? What distinguishes your business from the competition? This detailed analysis of your competition will give you a clear picture how your trucking plan will fit into the marketplace and allow you to make adjustments accordingly.

Financial Projections: Management Mistakes: Several common mistakes will limit the effectiveness of the management team section of your business plan, leading to rejection by lenders or investors. Your financial projections will be highly scrutinized by the individuals who read your trucking business plan; therefore, it is important that you present accurate and truthful information and that your financial forecast is realistic. We have included sample financial projects based on years of experience along with a sample spreadsheet, which will assist you to create your own realistic financial projections based on your personal situation.

We recommend you use a spreadsheet to create your own financial projections. Financial statements and projections should follow generally accepted accounting standards and must include properly prepared balance sheets. If you feel that this task is beyond your expertise, you may seek the assistance of a good accountant who is willing to prepare financial projections for a reasonable fee, based on the trucking plan information you provide.

Demonstrate your professionalism by avoiding the following pitfalls:

Placing unqualified friends or family members in key management positions

Presenting a one-man-team management philosophy

Assuming that previous success in another field will guarantee success for your trucking business plan

Failing to obtain a knowledgeable board of advisers

Hiring top managers without sharing ownership

Your business plan to establish your start-up trucking company is almost complete. You did the research and you followed the instructions to create your personalized trucking plan. You proofread and reviewed it and you are proud of your accomplishment; however, your work is not yet complete. Set the plan aside for a few days and then review it again critically from the viewpoint of a banker or investor. Ask yourself if the information presented makes sense business-wise, is the information presented in a professional language, and does your plan make a good impression. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, then implement new ideas for a trucking business plan, and make the appropriate changes.

Source by William Wellsworth

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