Twitter Officially Rolls Out Longer Tweets With 4,000 Character Limit


Twitter has officially rolled out longer tweets, its feature that allows users to post more with a significantly upped character limit. Starting today, the new character limit for tweets is now up to 4,000 characters, giving people the ability to essentially tweet out short articles instead of having to separate them into long threads.

All the existing features for tweets such as attaching pictures, polls, and hashtags to longer tweets will still apply, but the longer posts can’t be saved as drafts or scheduled to be posted later, at least for now. To ensure that the long-form posts don’t interrupt people’s timelines, longer tweets will still be capped at the standard 280-character limit on the timeline but with a “show more” button for those who actually want to read it.

Image: Twitter


While the new feature seems quite interesting, it’s unfortunately limited to paying Twitter Blue users in the US for now, with the company not clarifying if the feature will roll out to other countries with the subscription. However, while only US subscribers can use longer tweets, all users on the platform can read, retweet, and quote tweet them.

Twitter had been considering longer tweets since last year, with the company testing out a feature called Notes where select users can post entire articles but it will link to a separate page. Interestingly, researcher Jane Manchun Wong was able to tweet 26,927 characters on the site yesterday, but she found that the bug had been fixed earlier today.


The company’s CEO and owner, Elon Musk, confirmed the upcoming feature last month after it was reported that long-form tweets would be rolling out in February. He also teased that Twitter is working on text formatting tools including bold, underline, font size, and italicise, which will be introduced later this quarter.

(Source: Twitter Blue)

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