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Ty Coughlin – Why Are You Branding Ty Coughlin and Not Yourself?

Ty Coughlin – Why Are You Branding Ty Coughlin and Not Yourself?

Are you branding and promoting Ty Coughlin or yourself? If you are, then you will join the 90% failing with Global Resorts Network. Ty Coughlin designed a great system called the "Reverse Funnel System." If you search for the Reverse System or Ty Coughlin than you will be bombarded with many Reverse Funnel System sites. This is a testament to how popular His Reverse Funnel System is. But what Reverse Funnel Site belongs with what person promoting this system? What person will you join with? You will have no idea because every site looks the same. Everyone of Ty Coughlin's site brands Ty Coughlin.

I was first introduced to Global Resorts Network through someone promoting Ty Coughlin and the Reverse Funnel System. I paid the $ 50 that it takes to view the rest of the site. But I had questions, as most people have. Since I could not contact the person promoting the site, I went in search of some answers on my own. I was drawn in by someone who was using Attraction Marketing and Personal Branding to stand apart from all the other cookie cutter sites and systems out there. I ended joining someone else.

Here lies the problem with the Reverse Funnel System. There was no 'stick-ability' to the Ty Coughlin system. There was not someone I could read talk to. Before someone forks over $ 3000 and $ 300 a month for his system, they might want to talk to someone.

There is a way to make your Reverse Funnel System or any other system 'stick-able'.

You could even have some automation involved in your sales process.

The solution to this problem is personal branding. Personal branding brands you, instead of Ty Coughlin, a system, opportunity, potion or lotion. People join people not businesses or pay plans. One of the keys to being one of the 5% that are successful online is personal branding. Personal branding allows you to stand apart from the herds of cookie cutter systems our there. People will join you and I first before joining Global Resorts Network.This is simply by simply adding value to their life. Then people will join Global Resorts Network or any other business or system that is offered. This is yet another key piece of the puzzle called Attraction Marketing. You will find useful content all over the internet from people who are using Attraction marketing. When you start adding value to people life, people will chase you, instead of the other way around.

Regardless, of what you may have heard it takes more than Ty's system to be successful online.


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