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Ultimate WAR Online Serpent's Passage Scenario Guide – Warhammer Leveling & Strategy Guides

Ultimate WAR Online Serpent's Passage Scenario Guide – Warhammer Leveling & Strategy Guides

Like any other MMORPG, It also has its flaws, yet this is understandable considering that WAR has only been out for a month or two. Many among the game's loyal followers have expressed their concern regarding some discrepancies in the game, such as imbalanced maps, overpowered characters, and weak storylines. None has caused greater out roar in the WH world, however, than with the "rumored" bias given to the Army of Destruction. The scenario is a Tier 4 wherein Dark Elves battle High Elves. The game's objective is very interesting, in that it revolves around the collection of spare parts by both camps. In the game, the contenders battle on the coast of an island because their ships crashed there. The main objective is to gather salvage parts found at the far end of the island and return the parts to the ships and leave. A number of gamers have also made Warhammer online serpent's passage scene guides which are useful.

Followers who have played this (and another common complaint is how this scene is the only one that pops in all Tier 4 servers) have found this either heaven or hell. This is due in the game, who ever gets the rolled out items can run around and not return it to their ship just for the purpose of milking renown or XP points. Moreover, there has been some feedback that it is easy to corner Armies of Order whenever they are killed and more often than not, Destruction uses this to advantage by camping outside the spawn points of Order to kill anyone ever out.

If you have found yourself in this situation, your course of action is primarily to wait that the map is fixed, or just soldier on and try to win the game. From what I've noticed, the AD do not even pick up collected items anymore. Rather, they forge on to push back Order and slay as many as they can so that they could trap them in their spawn points. To avoid this, you have to be very careful in both indemnity and defense. Sure, this game might be "rigged" although there is still no official announcement regarding that. But would not it feel so much better for you and your team if you manage to win even without any advantage on your side? The key here is to never lose confidence and to never back down. Remember that in Warhammer online serpent's passage scenario and in all of others, kills matter. You may be able to put on some points, and by luck or by sheer persistence manage to get the salvage item. It might win you the game. Also, do not lose trust in WH. Give the game a chance. It's new, but for sure, you already know how good it can be. Do not lose faith and battle on for glory!

Source by Faviano Torres

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