UNIQUE street food in Malaysia – CHICKEN COOKED IN MUD + Street food tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Street food in Malaysia – In this video, I will take on a unique street food tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To start our street food tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we went to a famous restaurant to have Fish head curry for breakfast.

To continue our street food tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we had a couple of delicious desserts to help us cool down, Ice Kacang and Silken tofu.

To end our street food tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we went to a local neighbourhood to witness the making of a very ancient and unique dish, Beggar’s Chicken. Chicken cooked in mud and charcoal and still made the traditional way for over 45 years.

Hope you enjoyed our first video of street food in Malaysia.

Stay tuned for more street food videos like this.


1-Anuar’s Fish Head Curry

2-Dapfee Secret Sweet

Across the Ice Kacang shop.

4-New Heong Kee Restaurant



Buongiorno guys, I’m Max Ginestra.

I’ve always had a dream to travel for food around the world.

I believe that through food we can deeply explore new cultures, traditions and get to know the people.

In this channel, Abroad and Hungry, I will share my passion for street food, local and traditional cuisine.
00:00 Introduction
00:32 Fish head curry
03:21 Ais Kacang
05:39 Tau fu fah
07:01 Beggar’s chicken preparation
14:42 Let’s eat

  1. Abroad and Hungry says

    Buongiorno guys!
    Which Malaysian food should I try? 👇👇👇

  2. сантила says



    let's go to ACEH to experience ACEH's unique culinary delights while seeing the extraordinary VIEWS

  4. Kvetoslava Kveta says

    Ste úžasný, vážite si jedlo a prácu ľudí ktorí ho varia! Vidím mnoho jefal, ktoré nikdy neochutnam, pretože už mám dosť rokov. Srdečná vďaka za Vašu úžasnú energiu!!! ❤❤SLOVAKIA 😅😅

  5. Keang Wooi Choo says

    You are starting off pretty well. But will take years like japanese couple ichang to eat your way around malaysia.

  6. Jalal Al-haddad says

    That chicken mamma mia

  7. Alex Rambo says


  8. Anonymous says

    will you come back and make another video in Indonesia? 🥺

  9. Mr Nichol Han. says

    Bang kamu belum ke Bandung Indonesia 😢

  10. Wahyu Ria says

    Thanks Mr. For your information, so very delicious yummy recomended foods❤

  11. Abdullah almuqbil says

    Visit Riyadh and I will be your guide

  12. Danger Jr says

    Bung Max kamu harus kunjungi Bali & Manado 🇮🇩🤘

  13. Haryo Danang Pramudya says

    Bojonegoro east Java ,,, Indonesia pecel lele fish

  14. Haryo Danang Pramudya says

    Indonesian food number 1 ,,, world class

  15. Project 99 says

    mannnn your laughing is addictive

  16. Paulo R says

    love watching you. good vibes great videos

  17. Bobby Ponniah says

    I love your Vlog

  18. Bobby Ponniah says


  19. Ayuni Zainuddin says

    Eating with right hand!!! Well done, Max!!!

    Much love from Malaysia.


  20. I'AM Uchiha says

    Mama miya lezattos 👍

  21. Nana Supriatna says

    Waduh itu ikan bisa untuk 4 orang

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