Unique street food in Malaysia. Today was a very special day! We had the pleasure of getting to watch the cooking and preparation of the super crispy pork belly and Chinese char siu BBQ pork at Wong Mei Kee, a unique restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that has some of the best street food in Kuala Lumpur.

👀 WATCH Kuala Lumpur Street Food in Malaysia:

Wong Sifu, the master chef at Wong Mei Kee, has been running his shop for almost 40 years now, and over the years has perfected the craft of cooking super crispy pork belly (siu yuk) and Chinese char siu BBQ pork. Located in Kuala Lumpur, he’s known to locals and tourists alike for having the best crispy pork belly and Chinese char siu BBQ pork in the city. This definitely needs to be on your list of street foods to eat in Kuala Lumpur!

We were super lucky to be invited into Wong Sifu’s restaurant to watch the preparation and cooking of his super crispy pork belly siu yuk and Chinese char siu BBQ pork. His unique method of cooking in huge drums at the back of the shop was incredible to watch.

The unique street food in Malaysia never ceases to amaze us! After hours of preparation and cooking, Wong Sifu produces the best, most super crispy pork belly siu yuk and Chinese char siu BBQ pork in Kuala Lumpur. Melt in your mouth fat, tender meat, and crispy pork skin, coupled with the gooey and sticky BBQ pork, we were in heaven!

We hope you enjoy checking out the unique street food in Malaysia with us. This super crispy pork belly siu yuk and Chinese char siu BBQ pork really made our day!

Places we visited:

Name: 王美記 Wong Mei Kee
Address: 30, Jalan Nyonya, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
what3words location: ///taxi.tonight.slid

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  1. Hungry Two Travel says

    What's up everyone?
    What do you think about this special edition video? Which meat was your favourite?
    Thanks for watching! ☺️🧡

  2. Mary Soo says

    May I know where is this location?

  3. Serigala🇲🇾 says

    Need to do more cleaning and practice hygiene.

  4. yayin43 says

    These 2 dishes are a favorite in Hongkong.

  5. B Lau says

    Overrated food

  6. Chew Sianglow says


  7. miloud ezzahir says

    Cimanifique 💯❤👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Pasa Family Adventure TV says

    All about pork recipe he is definitely delicious.

  9. Nanana Nanana says


    ¿No habia ojotas para hombre?

  10. Lee Kay says

    Im not going to watch your vid butclicking in the comment section just to tell you that its impossible to find 中国叉烧肉 in Malaysia,you can use the word 广式叉烧肉 but pls dont put anything in Malaysia with the name of CHINA,AKWARD.

  11. GileLuNDROO says

    Orang malaysia tapi bahasanya ga pake bahasa malaysia 🤣🤣 ya opo seh???

  12. laffingstokk says

    Very nice detailed report! 👏

  13. Fraser Gray says

    Ive been to this restaurant, it was absolutely amazing!

  14. Mrs. Puff says

    I love eating crispy pork belly , I even about maybe I’m going to try to make it one day; Now I see the the way they making it I think I m going to stay with my traditional line up early at the Asian BBQ restaurant 🤤😂

  15. HT Low says

    Not sure if it has already been mentioned…
    The initial boiling of the slabs of belly pork is to soften the skin to enable it to be pierced with his multiple-nailed stabber. The holes in the skin permit the fat to oozes out, thus bursting the skin to make the crackling.

  16. james wong says

    Honestly, this place is OVERRATED!!!!! My Char Siew fun was pathetic. For RM 15, my plate of char Siew had about 9 stingy pieces and it was dry with no sauce. Nowhere to what the video showed. I would not recommend this place to anyone. I don't mind paying RM 15 provided it is good BUT in this case, it was crappy.👎 Really crappy 👎👎👎

  17. Chak Onn says

    17:27 you know the guys a master when he can sharpen a cleaver one-handed

  18. Yow Yee says

    My childhood playground alley and I always love those nostalgia ❤️ aroma. That's my go thru breakfast and saved some for lunch and dinner. I missed it so much. Thank you very much for sharing.

  19. Jarang Mengecewakan Channel says

    Amazing food and delicious

  20. Ben soon says

    Utamakan kebersihan bos..potong saunyuk tiada sarung tangan lee

  21. Chris Yong says

    That crispy pork belly is insanely naughty and good! Please send us more of such awesome good for videos on your travel.

  22. pilarkan says

    look delicious BUT Cleanliness should be improved. especially the working environment

  23. Nya Sing says

    Living here but not knowing there is this shop in Pudu area till u introduce it. Got to try it out, must be damn tasty as the Q is so long😋😋😋😋

  24. Rooster Q says

    Char siu is easy to make, and just about any shop can do it… But the Siu Yuk crispy pork is definitely a crafty process

  25. kwai shiu says

    It's so busy because it's so good, 😋😋😋, 燒肉,半肥廋义燒,鼓油鸡

  26. Gaby KWL says

    You’re not allow to makes Chau Siew at your home….. because surely suck 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. vincent wong says

    Wow thanks for the upload

  28. Arzate Morales Joaquin says

    I really like this food, delicious

  29. Marco A. Garcia Cortez says


  30. Jose Estrada says

    Es Un Excelente Cocinero Algo Muy Bien Hecho Y Creo Que Se Ve Que Tiene Un Gran Sason

  31. Eunice Ofori says

    I’m trying to get over how dirty the cooking area is

  32. Look says

    The Bbq pork n the char siew in this place is very very normal taste.

  33. Anthony Tan says

    Greatly appreciated if you can insert the map hyperlink to all the great restaurants.

  34. Apuci & Bence says

    Mark wiens what's happened to your hair 😄😂🤣

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