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Up In Smoke – Like A Network Marketing Upline!

Up In Smoke – Like A Network Marketing Upline!

When I joined my MLM company, to me my network marketing upline was the guy who enrolled me. I figured that if someone enrolled you…they would take responsibility for your training and development. That was who my upline was.. Boy…was I wrong about that. Trust me when I say this …your network marketing upline should be chosen as carefully as your choice in any business partnership.

I joined my company without truly understanding the value of a great network marketing upline. The guy that enrolled me did just that…ENROLL…and nothing else. He took my information and then took off….but luckily for me I was self motivated and had a little bit of smarts so once I figured out that other people in the team whom were wanting me to be successful so THEY could be successful I started to reach up the line PAST my enroller for this help. Especially because it was FREE!

But I became even more surprised when I discovered that the guy above my enroller was not available to help and the guy above him and the girl above him and the couple above her…were ALL unavailable or did not want to help. Shocked is the word I would use to describe how I felt when I started to not get any help from this group. So what did I do? I kept climbing my network marketing upline until I finally found someone who wanted to help me and guide me and support me…this person became my business partner and was eager to help. My business took off and this person is one of the main reasons why my business is the success it is today.

YES ..I recognized I could get help from my network marketing upline but the real lesson I learned was to keep climbing until I got the help I needed! It’s out there but sometimes not always in the obvious spot.

And if you really want to save yourself some grief …interview your enroller how they will support you and help you…BEFORE you sign with them.

Here’s to your success!

Rivers Corbett Co-Founder


Source by Rivers Corbett

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