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Using Back Links in Article Marketing

Using Back Links in Article Marketing

You've written a great article that relates to, informs and engages the reader. Your article is packaged full of valuable information and about your niche market. If a customer needs your product and they read your article, you're confident that they'll buy it. You're ready to submit your article to an article, but you've got a lot of competition. So far, you're undeterred because you know your product is better than the competition's.

The use of back links in article marketing has proven to quickly increase exposure to a website, especially when there are others which products directly correspond or relate to your product. The internet is a great place to collaborate with other on-line entrepreneurs.

There are different kinds of back links, all useful and effective if placed strategically. If your article is great and informative, other websites will want to capitalize off your article (this is a good thing!) By placing a link to your article on their website. This is called an out-going back link. This is a great advertising tool. If someone wants more information about a topic and your article has a catchy title and is placed on another website, interested customers will go to your link as well.

You can do the same with your website. If someone has written an article that reinforces your claims and corroborates your research, then it is of great value to post the name of their article on your website. It's on-line collaboration at its best! The more times people visit these links, the more likely your article turns up in a search engine results page. It's a beautiful thing! You have not paid anything for advertising but because your article is so perfectly and strategically composed and titled, word is spreading and customers are visiting your website like crazy!

You can negotiate with other on-line vendors as well. You may be contacted by another website owner (Do not forget to put your name and contact information in your resource box!) Who loves your article and wants to use it, but they're enough to know that they would benefit by your Posting their website as well. You look at their website and you agree that they are providing a need that compliments the need your product is serving. As long as their website is reputable and widely visited, scratching their back may resolve a back itch or two of yours! This increases the reputation of your website and spreads the word even further. More and more people are selecting your back links and are being directed to your website and buying your product.

Article marketing is innovation at its best. The little dog can still play with the big dogs. The big dogs may have huge advertising budgets and a well-known name, but if your product fulfills a need and your website provides a refreshing change from the overwhelming mass-producing company websites, you'll be providing an intelligence for which many customers are Searching.

Being a successful entrepreneur requires intelligence, resourcefulness and innovation. Having capital to start your business is a necessary reality, but to be a great success you do not need to use much money to advertise, leaving more of your resources for other things like producing more product so you can sell more! The ingredients to success can be simple – a great product, a great website and great (and cheap) marketing!

Source by Cain Marko

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