Venusde CEO Wilson Lee Responds To Woman’s Allegations On Pico Laser Gone Wrong


Earlier this week, a Malaysian woman named Thanushah released Pandora’s Box when she shared her traumatising experience of a skincare treatment backfiring, via her Twitter handle @teaszn.

From her lengthy testimony, Thanushah accused Venusde of a series of things that transpired. She also uploaded numerous photos of her facial condition over the past year following the pico laser service from Venusde Mid Valley.

Source: Facebook/ Venusde

On behalf of CEO Wilson Lee, Venusde has released a statement to address Thanushah’s allegations. Just like the statement that was published earlier on the company’s Instagram, Venusde claims that the allegations are false and they have resorted to take legal action.

Here’s the statement:

We have been made aware of recent allegations made by Thanushah (@teaszn) on 9th July 2023. Through her Twitter account, Thanushah shared statements concerning the outcome of a Pico Laser treatment provided by our beauty saloon, Venusde. We would like to emphasize that these allegations are untrue.

We want to assure the public that a thorough investigation into this matter has been conducted and we will proceed with legal action to address the false allegations made against our saloon. As legal proceedings are underway, we seek for your understanding that we are unable to publicly disclose specific details at this juncture. Rest assured that once the legal process is concluded, we will provide an account of the situation.

Venusde remains steadfast in our unwavering commitment to integrity, responsible practices, and customer care. We sincerely appreciate your understanding during this time.”

Source: Venusde

A rep added that Venusde aims to give a full, transparent and comprehensive account of the situation once legal proceedings are concluded.

Since Thanushah’s story went viral, a Malaysian dermatologist named Dr Ingky shared his thoughts on why her skin reacted so badly to the treatment and how this could’ve been avoided from spreading.

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