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Video Branding Strategy

Video Branding Strategy

Video marketing within the internet community is extremely popular and financially efficient. Every market segment is currently enjoying the efficiency and financial benefits of video message delivery.

Affiliate, entrepreneurial and corporate organizations are employing video as the delivery method of choice for internet advertising. Compact video segments or video isotopes not only deliver the advertising and selling messages but also transport brand identity to millions of viewers. Converting views into traffic compels video producers to properly brand the delivery media for this powerful conversion potential.

Video producers employ several elements to achieve proper branding efficiency. Pre-roll, segment captioning, post-roll, credit roll and call to action are but some of the elements available for video branding.

Pre-rolls are short video clips, usually 3-5 seconds in length, opening the video. Pre-rolls come in every size and flavor. Company logos, images and animation are very popular choices for pre-roll production.

The actual video message may also be branded. Watermarks, logos and captioning are employed to enhance the intended message. One very important rule must be observed for message clip branding, do not obscure or detract from the original intent advertisement or subject. The socialization or viral qualities may be subtlety delivered without distracting from the messaging video itself.

After the message is delivered, the conversion elements of post-roll, credit roll and call to action are elements available to motivate the viewer. The element must be legitimate and allow the viewer sufficient opportunity to transmit the action message. Moving the viewer to action is the primary goal of the call to action element. Stating the sharing and intellectual use rights should also be clearly positioned.

Delivering advertising and selling messages via branded video productions will increase exponentially as the Internet evolves technically and socially. Position your marketing plan accordingly and take full advantage of the potential.


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